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  1. Any plans on making them for the SAS lower Tim?
  2. JeremyT

    1919 Issues...

    1. Price, I was one of the first to purchase the SAS lower so I got it at an introductory price. 2. Design, SAS is a one piece milled design where the Firebird is 2 pieces joined together by screws, I don't know if it really makes a difference but the SAS looks cleaner and more professional. and as deathray mentioned I don't want some ripoff of a pontiac firebird logo on the side of my rifle. SM, I couldn't agree more! I had a Firebird lower and sent it down the road as soon as the SAS hit the market. It was large clunky & heavy. I also didn't care for the two piece "bolt together" design. I covered up the craptastic logo with a large Glock sticker.
  3. JeremyT

    1919 Issues...

    Annnnnnd you hit it with a hammer? I would recommend replacing with aluminum but if that's not an option then I'd go with a stock polymer and keep it away from my hammer collection.
  4. I've never found a As do all bullpups. I've never found understood the fascination for them, but to each their own. Right? EDIT: That bullpup bolt action in the video is about the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.
  5. Shot from a bench, I forgot sandbags so I was resting on a range bag. Optic was a Burris Fastire III.
  6. I finally got a chance to try the Fiocchi slugs this afternoon. 8" 5 shot group at 100 yards. Carlson light mod choke 22" barreled Tooth & Nail MKA with a 3 moa Burris fastire
  7. JeremyT

    New SAS lower

    I did notice a very different sound back when I went from polymer to Aluminum but You'll get over it.
  8. If you can find them....I've had good luck with Remington reduced recoil & a Carlson LM choke. Usually I can get a 6"-10" group at 75 yards. I'm going to try some light recoil Fiochhi(sp?) this week, We'll see how they do. Oh & I'm using a 3MOA Burris red dot.
  9. Link to the add with pictures. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/93483-firebird-precision-mka-lower/
  10. I'm selling my Firebird lower Asking $300 shipped CONUS. I've put about 600-800 rounds through it. Here are a few pics still on the gun. Lower will be shipped the same way I received it from Firebird stripped with pins. Message me for more details.
  11. I have a firebird lower for sale. Message me if you're interested. Lower is in perfect shape I am just going a different route for 3 gun.
  12. I can stage mine in a barrel with the 23 rounder. If the barrel is at a 45* i put the shotgun upside down so the mag is sticking straight up in the air. If it's just a standing barrel I think the 23 rounder works better than a ten because it hangs outside the barrel. Maybe it's just the way mine is balanced?
  13. I'm hoping mine is comped & ready by noon Monday. ;-)
  14. JeremyT

    Newb saying Hello

    ...all week at the Laugh Shack... Oh look, the fan club is back. I missed you smoochie pants.
  15. JeremyT

    Newb saying Hello

    Welcome! Barrel shroud? that's the shoulder thing that goes up right?
  16. I knew he'd be along sooner or later.
  17. I went with both options. Opened up the ports and a reduced power spring on a T&N op rod. I've never looked back. I don't remember what the original size of the ports were I just opened them up to what Josh recommended.
  18. It is pretty quiet in here isn't it?
  19. I dont mean to come off like a dick and I am a BIG fan of the MKA.......but if I was going to keep a shotgun for home defense it would be a good old pump gun, with a mounted light and no red dot. You could add a tube extension if you're worried about only having 5 rounds.
  20. That's a good looking rig SGM!
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