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  1. it's really hard to believe anything the Goberment says these days..... Seriously, I have a hard time believeing anything they say.....
  2. I bought 2 off ebay back in Jan. and they were $45 each before shipping...... also for the wife's PK 380. The $$ is/was ridiculous, but I wanted to get them while they were there.....
  3. Now UPS will do it only to FFL Dealer on the other end!
  4. Well.... I have called two USPS Offices here in WV, and both said I had to have a FFL! I guess I'll try FED_EX!
  5. OK, so I'm buying a shotgun in W.VA., (I'm here on business) and I want to ship to my home in Fl., the way I read this thread is I can take it to a USPS office and declare it's a shotgun, and they will ship it to my home in FL. addressed to me, or my wife? Thanks, K12
  6. Well done, and glad to hear you and the wife are ok. I would get a BIG Dog, our G. Sheppard won't let anyone near our homes, and she hears crap from a mile away.
  7. Yes. I bought several boxes of it at Cabela's for about $12 each a few years ago. Value-wise, it's great buckshot for breaking in an S-12. It also fits into an MD-20 without a problem. Shandlanos, thanks for the feedback, I see that ammo sitting on the shelves at the local Walmart now!
  8. Sorry to hear about your son's situation, I have been there and done that, and unfortunately, it's a BIG uphill battle. I spent $10,000 + and still couldn't get full custody of my 1st daughter. The legal system in Fl is so slanted against men in divorce proceeding, it phucking crazy! But do like others have advised, keep a detailed journal of everything that happens... Best of luck to you and your son. K12
  9. Bought 2 boxes of the Winchester White Box, 100 rd value pack, Sunday @ Wally World for $35/box, that is about as good as it gets for .380. And yes my wife has a Walther PK .380 for her CCW, and she loves it. As far as the .380's stopping power, I told the wife to just keep shooting until they fall down! BTW, also while at Wally World, I bought some "Estate" 12 GA. 00 buck, 25 rounds for 20.75, made in France, anyone have any experiences with this ammo? Thanks, K12
  10. I have a small engineering consulting company, (RCS Enterprises Inc.) that mainly supports DOD Flight Simulation, working all over the USA. Right now in Mass. @ Westover ARB, upgrading a C-5 WST simulator. Been a systems engineer for 25+ years, pay is good, travel sucks!
  11. Or... better yet... Put all the people of all races with no violent crime record on one side. Then put the rest on the other. Put a 200 foot wall up so the scum can't come steal from us and see how it goes. Great Idea Big John! Would love to sit on top of the wall and watch the animals on the other side go at each other......
  12. Yeah, the local wally worlds in Orlando and Titusville had the 5.56 420 rd ammo can for $175 the other day, they had (5) on the cart, but I was #21 in line, I got to buy Fed. .40cal FMJ Value pack for $32/100 box. Plus they had .22LR, but that got bought up before I got to the counter also. BTW, the 1st guy in line at 7:00am on a Saturday morning, showed up at 3:30AM to make sure he got some of the 5.56!!!!!
  13. Well, have only had this type of problem once, a few years ago, and I did the kinda the same thing, just went up to the car and asked them "Is there something I can help them with"?. They said they were turning around, and I replied ok, Have a good day. (Never had to show my flashlight, didn't even have it on me .... and they just left, fortunately, we live on a cul-de-sac also, and all the neighbors know everybody, and their cars, so a strange car sticks out like a sore thumb! I appauld your efforts, but like others have said, just make sure you are on the right side of the law..... Walmart Ammo Update 5-7-13: BTW, I scored my (3) alloted boxes of .223 Tula this morning at Walmart, and they had 2 cases.....
  14. Remember Obummer and phuckards are never 1's to let a good crisis to go unexploited! BTW, I do feel bad for all the innocents that were affected. I also heard that they had Newtown families at the finish line waiting to greet the runners when they finished........
  15. No worries here. I'm lactose intolerant. I've very lactose tolerant. MUST HAVE MILK! Big John, Maybe you can make some Homemade Cottage Chesse with her, as the Milk delivery system! Kraken
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