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  1. Just received a call as well. Same story as you, Tekilla. Great news knowing that the parts are in good hands and will be returned home shortly! I feel like this is finally at an end.
  2. It's been exactly a month since i submitted a complaint. still no word from the Oregon DOJ, aside from the confirmation email from a Katie A West that my complaint had been received.
  3. great news!!!! although, it would really be nice to have the parts sent back completed. I'll just be thrilled when parts are back in my possession.
  4. TP1, may I please have the contact information for the Officer in question; or MightyLordRay if you are willing to share it. I too would really like to contact him regarding the situation; politely, of course. Thank you for your help in resolving this situation.
  5. Paul, for the love of God get us all back in the loop man! Any form of contact, however slight, would be greatly appreciated. I think everyone still waiting could find a little relief just by hearing from you. My two cents.
  6. I'm bottom of the old list, 509. Sent in April 2nd, 2013. No word, Still waiting...
  7. Are Saiga 12 bolts still in the works? I would be (along with I'm sure a couple dozen other people) extremely interested in purchasing one as no progress has been made as of yet to recover our bolts and carriers from paul. Thank you.
  8. Am I the only one who noticed that Paul was last online May 12th of this year?
  9. Id take a bolt and carrier as well. I believe we're all here for the same reason.
  10. If anyone is nearby enough to keep pushing this at the local level, i would say all of us missing parts would very much appreciate the effort and be indebted to them. Being in Wisconsin, a trip out to Oregon is just not in the budget at this time, but I would be willing to provide some amount of funds to move the process along.
  11. Survey taken for me as well. +250 to the running total. #509 will you ever be returned to your rightful home.
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