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  1. irishrifleman

    Bubba struck again...

    HELLS BELLS!!!!! After like 16 bits I made it through the bubbed crap!!!!! Hole completely thru, the tapping is a bitch though. So I got the BG on, ant took it to the hill side to test......first rounds through since I changed the gas block, and the fsb. only pinned on in the gas block, and none in the fsb, attached muzzle brake and I ran rounds!!!!!!!! OMG it ran flawlessly!!!!! No issues with the break, the gas block is totally on where it needs to be, and function was perfect!!!! AND the gb I got was vented, and the tube was vented too, and the cyclic rate was perfect. its holy lookin, but it works perfect. My first date with Yekaterina was awsome!!!!! now to get fsb drilled and pinned.
  2. irishrifleman

    CSS KICKS ASS!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the drill bit!!!!!!!! I emailed about wanting to find the size of bit that gets shipped with the bullet guide and not only did I get a reply in super fast time, I also got a replacement bit!!!!! What a killer company to do business with.!!!!!
  3. irishrifleman

    Bubba struck again...

    Wow guys thanks for all the replies! After alternating between 4 bits I was able to get some materiel away and it seems now as if there is a broken bit in the wrong place AND it was jb welded to fill the hole and bury the bit.....Sooooo I guess the thing to do now is find me a tig welder to just weld the fookin thing in there. Thanks again fellows for the replies, its nice to have a place to go and get the good skinny!
  4. irishrifleman

    Bubba struck again...

    So I have been lurking around for a while, did tons or research and acquired a saiga in a trade. The rifle when I got it was un converted, and I have thus far done all conversion sections. Stock, pg, hand guards, gas tube, hand guard retainer, gas block, front sight block blah blah blah... Upon first inspection the bullet guide was installed, but there was no screw Well, when I stripped the rifle, the stripper got on the BG and whatever bubba used to secure it softened and the BG came off. So I cleaned off all epoxy or gum, or what ever in the hell got used, and got a tap and drill bit and screw to do it right. Well.. here is the cru..i guess whoever started to do it fouled it up and just jb'd it to fill the miss drilled hole, now I have broken five bits, dulled another 3 and not even close to being able to get the hole thru. maybe I got a 64th of an inch, or less. any sugestions?