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  1. Will do. Its a green mountain barrel and chrome lined really doesn't mean anything in todays world of aks because most the ammo is not corrosive. I am going to mess with it saturday and see what kind groups I can hold.. I was offered a wasr and m92 for it but turned itdown. Love this thing way to much. Unless someone offered a milled arsenal... I'm keeping it lol
  2. http://www.ak-47.net/markingsindex.php
  3. Im sitting on this one.. Actually tring to trade a Sten Mk 3 kit for a Romo "G" kit on another forum haha
  4. thanks Chile Releno. i sold my ar and my saiga 12 and now i have 2 ak's after hitting the depression, needed some optics for my AMD-65.. going to buy the shitty UTG for the foreend.. which i've read and been told they actually work GREAT on a amd.. i HATE UTG!! with a passion but for 65$ and it is solid and doesnt affect reliability, it will work great. No point in a $400 ultimak on a $400 AK lol
  5. As I read this I remember a guy from another forum saying he was reaching 300yards with his in a 12"x14" target and hitting it all day. Mine is accurate enough at 75 yards I am suprised. Guy in texas is selling his for $650. Which is way steep but not horrible because they are hard to find. I love mine. Trying to get the money together for parabellum armament rail or tws.
  6. 7mm-08 forester bench rest die set $55 shipped 7mm-08 winchester unfired brass new (50pcs) $22 shipped 223 winchester unfired brass 2 bags $55.00 shipped 3 (100 per) bags of 223 64pp component bullets $90.00 shipped 1 bag Winchester 308 unfired brass $30.00 shipped 22-250 Hornady 117gr interlock btsp $20.00 shipped This is for funding my parabellum armament rail or texas weapons system. Thanks again
  7. Well I understand that. I gave up a nice handgun but ill hold on to this puppy for a long time.
  8. I have 1 rommy top loader.. and 2 china copys.. its the tugo kit on american barrel and american receiver... no its not chrome lined and its a century buile. One of the best builds I have ever seen by them all thought they didn't do most the work lol. Its pretty damn accurate and it was brand new in a box. Kid paid $1500 for it when shit hit the fan and he lost his ass on it lol. I love it.. real clean nice gun with polished internals. Itll spit em as fast as I click the trig. Being that ita a RPK.. thicker barrel and the fact most 7.62 has non corrosive primers it really want hurt mich. The barrel will last a few life times..
  9. Pretty much the tube and class 3 license because once assembled you have a full auto sub machine gun.. they sell the blueprint online. Its a project you do yourself or have a shop do and get the class 3
  10. its a british STEN.. Im sorry, been a long day.. lol, should have pulled my "WWI-II BOOKS" out of the closet lol
  11. the pair pic was too big but here are these pics bad pic but 2mb pics suck! lol
  12. I have 2. one needs to be cleaned up and the other is brand new. $35 shipped
  13. i have been told yugos are pretty rare .. compared to the romanian...
  14. the standard RPK.. well russian, romanian or yugo?
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