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  1. When using drums you have to be careful on the overall size of the shells. Some 2 3/4" shells are larger than others depending on whether they are rolled crimped or stared. The 2 3/4" refers to the opened length after being fired. The larger ones will not fit in the drums. Suggest you search the history for information on this topic. All of the stick mags as far as I know will accommodate either type of crimp. Neverhome
  2. Neverhome

    Saiga Ban

    High Plains, I went back through nine pages of videos but can't locate it. It may be old but it popped up when I typed in Saiga 12 on You Tube. The two doing the video were real space cadets. You'll know it if you see it. Jetmech, You missed the target on that one. I am about as far apart from Eric Holder as Obama is to Ronald Regan.
  3. Neverhome

    Saiga Ban

    I'll see if I can find it for you. Neverhome
  4. Neverhome

    drum mag

    Be careful with the shell length on a drum. If the unfired shell is of the 2 1/2" dimension it will not fit the drum. I have found the 2 1/4" will fit the ProMag drums. There is a chart in the Tech section that lists some of the shells that will fit/not fit. After shooting for over 50 years, I was surprised to learn that 2 3/4" is the size of the shell AFTER it has been fired. Some shotgun shells have star closures and others a roll closure. I have a lot of Royal Buck Shot at 2/12" that I can only use in a stick mag that I purchased thinking I could load it into a drum. Neverhome
  5. Nordic Components collapsible stock. Available for AR or AK. NC_AK47_Retrac_Stock_05.jpg They've been discussed on here before, not sure if anyone has put one on an S12 yet. Looks like it may interfere with a drum. Neverhome
  6. Neverhome

    Saiga Ban

    Has anyone heard the government has stopped allowing Saigas to be imported? A You Tube video I came across last night said all further importations are banned. I am wondering if they thought the Small Arms Treaty had passed which could have stopped the importing. Fortunately, it was vetoed by the Senate. A tough blow to Obama. What have you heard? Neverhome
  7. Well, part of the reason no one is replying is that the post is somewhat, no, very difficult to understand. I am not bragging here, but with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, (as do thousands of others) and over forty years in the business community, I found it very hard to comprehend. Now, granted, I am an old fart and sometimes wonder where I am and what I am doing so that may have some bearing on this, but I suspect a lot of people reading this may be of the same opinion. I sure as Hell don't trust our Chief Executive and have no doubts he will try back the back door to get wh
  8. I just sent an e mail to all of the Maine legislatures and told them to vote no on any and all future gun control bills. I am sick and tired of people moving here to "get away from it all" and then trying to pass legislation similar to those states they left. Suggested if they didn't trust the citizens of Maine with guns and large capacity mags, they should move to NY or CT where they will feel safe and take the rest of the people who moved here with them. Should be some interesting replies. :-) Neverhome
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    Thanks for the info. Neverhome
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    I have read some posts where the poster indicates the gun fires OK from the shoulder but not the hip. I have never heard of that with other firearms. What causes this? Neverhome
  11. Just got one but have not installed yet. Do I Loctite the adjustment screw, actual unit to the gun, or both? Instructions with mine said it has been factory set out of the package and no adjustment should be necessary. Is this something new with the TAC47 Auto Plug? It did say adjustments could be made if necessary but the wording seemed to indicated it would not be necessary. Gun is at gunsmith's now as it would not handle low brass right out of the box. I wanted to have that corrected prior to changing gas plugs and prior to converting it. I also have a CSS gas puck on the way. Between
  12. Who is manufacturer? All I could open was the picture. No other info came up.
  13. I have forgotten the specifics but there already has been. As much as I can remember it was a year or two ago and a deer hunter came out of the woods and found some members of PETA trashing his truck. Seemed his rifle discharged into one of their legs. Just can't trust those safeties on some firearms.
  14. The harassing of hunters here in Maine is illegal. Other states may have similar laws. Perhaps a good fine or two will cause them to reconsider. Of course evidence will be needed so be sure to pack high brass loads of 00 buck. Just may be a target rich environment. Neverhome
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