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    Gas Tube: Too stupid to live

    Thanks gang. Got it. Luuuuuuubbbeee!
  2. jeffmack

    Gas Tube: Too stupid to live

    I was cleaning my .308 and took the gas tube off, and now I cannot get it back on enough to get the lever back down. What's the trick?
  3. jeffmack

    Looking for Tokarev 7.62x25

    So, uh, who has them now? Or at least, who has barrels and mags in stock so I can convert a 9mm norinco to 7.62? Thanks gang.
  4. jeffmack

    Kansas City

    Thanks Neurosis. (Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but I didn't have very good access to the internet for awhile.)
  5. Who sells Saigas in the Kansas City area? Names and addresses would be appreciated.
  6. jeffmack

    Organic food

    Finally! For scale, I am about 5'10". Shot her from about 25 yards. Totally destroyed the right atrium of her heart and most of her lungs. She still ran 75 yards before collapsing. Hard not to respect anything that can do that.
  7. jeffmack

    Organic food

    Have a heart, Shaneman. I live out in the woods and spend all my money on bullets. Trying to load pics with my dial-up connection and 1940's digi-cam might take awhile.
  8. jeffmack

    Organic food

    Zapped a nice big fat doe today. I like the Saiga quite a bit more than pappy's old Winchester 94. Gotta go. Smell like deer guts. Need shower.
  9. She wasn't "that kind of girl." By "that kind of girl," I mean the kind that ever paused while talking.
  10. I used to teach/student teach at a sort of University/Institute thing in Kalifornia. The guy that was my mentor when I was student teaching ended up sharing an office with me when I moved up to teaching. We would be in our office trying to work, and there was this giant, amazonian self-centered blond chick that would come in and start flirting with my coworker. We would be working on a project, and she would show up and suck up 45 minutes with nothing but pictures of her cat, or something along those lines. After about six months of this, I discovered that Ted Nugent music for her was like garlic for vampires. Great Gonzos got a lot of play in my office after that.
  11. Tritium Please elaborate on the August 28 ending of sheriffs' permits. Does this mean MO residents can soon buy handguns just as they would a long gun, or are they just going to harass us in a new manner? jeffmack
  12. jeffmack


    There was a guy at work last night. He is a new employee and a former policeman. He started telling me about how Kel-tec P3at's were constantly, catastrophically failing, and they should only be shot a few times. Has anybody else heard of this? Granted, the guy didn't seem too bright. To quote my foreman, "That guy is ate up with dumb-ass."
  13. jeffmack

    rear sight

    GunHustler, Thanks man! That was the ticket!
  14. jeffmack

    rear sight

    How do I pop the rear sight out of a saiga rifle? Tried applying pressure. Tried screw driver on tip of leaf spring. Would a very tiny C-clamp pressing down on the sight work?
  15. Of the currently, readily available military surplus bolt-action style guns, which are the most accurate? I would assume the K-31 Swiss, followed by the Enfields or Mausers, but I am just guessing.