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  1. Thanks for the links. that shows some options at least. Like I said, I am totally new to the AK platform, and don't even know where to look for these things. I'm not settled on optics yet. I'm thinking more and more about using a Kobra red dot though. So, that would eliminate optics problems, it would mount on the side rail. If that's the case a light will be all I hang out front. If I want a super duper mall ninja rifle, I'll build an AR to fill that role. The AK is appealing to me because of its simplicity, and putting something in every available location would ruin that. I never
  2. Come on, 30 people have looked and nobody has an answer?
  3. I finally bit the bullet and had my .223 done by Tromix. It is spectacular, but proves to me that I am too hooked on ARs to ever fully appreciate an AK style rifle. Regardless, I have been wondering what options are available for handguard replacement that would allow me to put a light out front and possible a scope in the scout position. I know you can't just use regular AK handguards without an adaptor. But beyond that, I don't even know what is available. So, I thought I would come to the experts and ask what you would do if you wanted rails out front.
  4. Silly me, I always just said minute of man. I need to keep up with the trends.
  5. I haven't tried 5.56 in the Saiga yet, but I would guess it can deal with it just fine. In some rifles, the 5.56 won't quite feed properly, but I have only seen that on 223 rifles with very tight tolerences. Not really a hallmark for the AK series.
  6. There is a website that sold the compacts when they were in supply. Sadly Armscor can't keep up with demand, so I think only the GI models are available right now. The compacts are supposed to be back on the market the first week of April, so I assume the Tacticals will be as well. Tacticals seem to be selling for about $450, so the GI is probably $350-375 or so. Not as cheap as Hi-Point, but much higher quality from what I have seen- and far less than any other comparable 1911 on the market. I would put my RIA Tactical against anything from Springfield or other companies of the same qual
  7. Yeah, Maui is great. As long as you don't mind all of the anti-gun morons that are in charge of the place. Personally, I think I am capable of carrying a gun on my person without killing anyone and I like more than 10 rounds between reloads. They fix their government, and I'll be on the next plane/boat over.
  8. I have the Rock Island tactical, and love it. I swapped the full length guide rod for the GI version and changed the grips because I prefer something with some bite to them. The pistol locked open from time to time, so I ordered a heavier recoil spring. It has not come in yet, but the problem seemed to resolve itself after about 150 rounds. The best thing is their service. If you ever have a problem visit m1911.org and let Ivan know. He'll make it right by either sending you the parts or having you send him the pistol. I only know of one he hasn't been able to correct, and that is because
  9. I carry my Glock 23 every single day. It is not at all uncomfortable, especially if you use a good quality holster and belt. If you buy the cheap stuff any gun can be a pain in the butt. The 27 is a good bit smaller, and is easier to hide. However, with the smaller size comes the problems with a small gun. The recoil is different, it is more difficult to shoot thanks to the shorter sight radius, and I personally cannot stand not being able to get all of my fingers onto the grip. I tell everyone that the Glock 23 is the best gun for concealed carry. It is small enough to easily carry and c
  10. I have been in touch with all of the serious Republican candidates at one point or another. None are as supportive of the second amendment as I would like, but none (including Rudy) are hard line against it either. If the people of the forum really need a form letter, I can put one together. But, a form letter doesn't carry too much weight with a candidate. They will pay a little attention because you took the time to send it, but it will quickly be seen for what it is, and they will just kind of count how many come in. If you really want their attention it takes some work to show that you are
  11. Kel Tecs are great for what they are. Inexpensive defensive guns that fill a specific need. I love my P3AT and would not be without it. But, with the fit and finish of every Kel Tec I've seen (including their rifles) I cannot imagine spending $2000 on any of their products. They're going to have to step up in a big way if they are going to charge that much for any product.
  12. welcome to the club! You'll find a lot of magazine talk around here, and for good reason. The mags are not just jumping off the shelves at you. The best answer seems to be the 5.45 magazines converted to work with .223. I believe Dinzag will make the mods on your followers for a reasonable price. I may have to pick some up and see. Other than that, just scroll through the threads and you can see what most people are doing.
  13. I am usually an alarmist and the first in line to be excited over things like this. But, in this case there is no need. This Congress will not pass this legislation. Too many of the Democrats that just won came into office claiming conservative ideals. The first reelection is the most dangerous for a member of Congress. By voting for this legislation the new Democrats would ensure that they would face stiff competition in the next cycle. The leadership knows this as well. For that reason, this legislation will not see the light of day until after the 2008 elections. A lame duck Congress could
  14. For the Saiga I think it is a little over the top to use traditional optics. It just isn't that type of gun. I have a red dot on mine. I used to have an aimpoint, but decided that it should have a Russian optic, so it has the Kobra. Great optic that performs well within the function limitations of the platform.
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