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  1. Fellas, As I previously mentioned my Saiga 12 came with a factory installed Magwell. Im not going to take it out, but was wondering if anyone had suggestions on what high capacity magazines I could purchase that will fit into the factory magwell. The guy at the store sold me a drum that obviously will never fit. Anyone know of any conversion kits coming out? Thanks! Brian
  2. Tkamp24

    Little Tighty

    Well, thru watching more videos I figured out my problem. My Saiga came with a factory installed mag well. Dont know why it took me so long to figure it out. Guess that explains why the bastid wasnt fitting. Should I take these too a gun smith for fitting or can i still do it myself? I feel like im going to have to shave these things down to next to nothing. Thanks again
  3. Tkamp24

    Little Tighty

    Hey Gun Fun, Thanks for the tips- I meant front and back. I assume if i take the tabs all the way down it wont "click" into the receiver?
  4. Tkamp24

    Little Tighty

    Good Thing when your talking about your girl, bad when its about your magazine well. I currently have a 12 round banana magazine and a 20 round pro mag drum that i need to fit. They are fine on the width, but the length is definitely a problem. It seems like i'm going to have shave down the tabs on each side of the magazine well, almost all the way. I have watched some vids on how to fit the mags on youtube, but it seems like he had to take off A LOT less than i need too. Has anyone else had to remove a lot of plastic to get their mags to fit? Im nervous about messing up a 10
  5. Thanks fellas, I got caught up in watching youtube vids which made me spaz out. I cant leave the computer to stop looking at everybodies S12's, Im starting to understand how a crack head feels. Looking forward to posting some pics once shes up and running. Thanks again for the tips.
  6. Hey Guys, I am new to the shotgun world. I picked up my Saiga 12 on Saturday. I purchased a flat of ammo that the sales rep recommended because it was cheap. After doing some research on here, I am a little concerned because its low brass, and it seems several people have had issues with that. I have a couple of questions, if anyone could help it would be greatly appriciated. 1. Anticipating a problem, i have already purchased a v plug. However, my factory sights are installed over where the plug is located. It sounds like I will need to be shooting from the #5 seting with the #8 ammo
  7. Hey Fellas, I just picked up my first 12 this weekend after dreaming about one for a while. I just picked up a few things from the saiga-12 store and look forward to get some ideas on upgrades. Great site, thanks for all the ideas.
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