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  1. Just got her done this evening. I had to do some filing on the Chaos Titan, but that was expected. I added a lot of parts from suggestions here on the forum... thanks to everyone.
  2. Thanks Cameron... the quad is the last part I need to finish my S-12. Then, I'll post some pictures.
  3. I read one thread that explained that with a right folder, you don't have to swing the gun away to open the stock (when you're a right hander), when you have the weapon slinged on your shoulder (much faster "up on target"). Made perfect sense to me, so I went with a right folder. You can still fire it with the stock folded too.
  4. Out of stock till early June? OK, I'll wait...
  5. I took 3 screws out to remove the factory stock. Only two required to put on the folder, and an extra screw in the bag with the swivel. I can't figure out where it goes... The swivel simply pops on like a ratchet. And, I read a post somewhere this morning that mentioned a recoil pad will be available for this soon. Anyone know about the pad?
  6. Got my folder today. I ordered the swivel, which I discovered was a snap in... cool! There is an extra screw in the package that I can't figure out what it's for..; except maybe to put in the bottom mounting hole, but the threads are wrong. Do I tap it out and insert the screw? It's not needed, except to cover the hole???
  7. I have been learning a lot from this forum about my gun. As mentioned in another thread, my gun did not come with a BHO. Some have said the reduction in parts is a good thing. OK, but I've recently noticed a picture of a safety lever that has a notch in it that holds the bolt "charging handle" in the bolt open position. I can't find a thread to modify my safety lever to accomplish this. Anyone have a recommended way to do this (video or pictures)? In addition... where can I find the finger tab that rivets onto the safety lever for easier movement of same? Last question: Is there
  8. Clint, I now have the fore grip and thumb support, and received my 12 round mags, and barrel shroud. . I am waiting on the Titan quad rail, bonesteel folding stock and MD-20 drums (I ordered 3 of them). Once assembled... trip to the range! Then, red dot, flashlight, laser... we'll see how I feel then. I pull it out of the safe every now and then to gaze at it... is that normal? I have pictures of my gun, and not of my wife... Creepy?
  9. I have the following parts enroute. I ordered the bonesteel folder with the sliding stock. Next, is the Chaos Titan quad rail (just ordered it a few minutes ago... hope it doesn't take too long). Then, two drums... one is a Pro Mag 20, and the other is an MD-20. I bought 3 12 round sticks to finish my mags. I bought a Claw barrel shroud. Now I'm looking for a cool fore grip and a sight (probably a red dot), and a flashlight mount of some sort. I'm not sure what else would add coolness, and functionality to this. After I test fire it, I'll decide on a reliability kit and gas adjust
  10. Cameron: I want to place an order for a Titan rail for my S-12. Carolina is shut down, so I'll order it from you. Please contact me with payment options. OldCopLarry@aol.com or PM me here.
  11. I guess it should just be the BHO. I got the FR letters from another post, and wasn't sure what it meant. I need the spring and metal plate that fits in the channel on the trigger floor (and whatever else is needed for the upgrade). I will assume I need to grind off a little of the hammer tube (if that's what it's called) to allow room for the BHO plate under the spring. I'm going to guess that the BHO was left out of the conversion because of the wide part of the hammer, assuming he didn't want to grind it. Sorry I don't know the correct names and descriptions of parts yet... still learn
  12. I took custody of an S-12 (NIB), that had a conversion already done. The BHO mechanism was removed in the conversion, but I think I'd like to put it back on. Anyone have the complete kit for sale?
  13. OK... I'm on my way to that forum right now... thanks!
  14. Thanks Clint... Sally, Clint mentioned it in an above response: "You can possibly find a BHO lever and spring at the forum e-store, Carolina Shooters Supply, or possibly Mississippi Auto Arms". If it's that easy to do, I may order the part (if I find one) and open this thing up.
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