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  1. Well everyone... Spacehog saved the day. He sent me a factory mag free of charge and it definitely resolved the issue. Went through close to 40 loads/reloads with the snap caps with zero malfunctions. I will post some pics ASAP if anyone is interested in seeing the whole setup. Thanks everyone!
  2. I don't have other mags on-hand. Left them up North like a dumbass so it will be another month before I get them. Are there any specific SGM mags or will the general AK-47 ones work?
  3. Hey everyone. I finally got the Saiga 223 back from Indiana. My gun guy doesn't think there is anything wrong with it and thinks its the magazine. I have a couple of pics here. After you all chimed in, I did notice that this black plastic magazine is pretty worn out. I'm hoping the magazine is the problem because this gun is just begging me to shoot it. Thoughts? I'm back in Nashville as well. Does anyone recommend another magazine I should buy that plays nicely with the Saiga 223?
  4. I just purchased a few rounds of 223 snap caps from the link. Thank you for the help. I'm in the Nashville, TN area. Will send better pics ASAP. Thanks again everybody.
  5. Thanks for the info everyone. It was a major letdown having that issue straight out of the gate. The rifle is in Indiana (with my gun guy) and I'm in Nashville but I will upload pics of everything as soon as I get it back next week. I attached one pic of the gun itself that I had. Thanks!
  6. Hey folks. Recently acquired a used saiga 223. Never had a gun of this size or power before so I know nearly nothing about these. I understand how to shoot it as it is a very simple design, which I love. So the first day I took it to the range, I loaded about 5 bullets in the 10rnd factory magazine and it loaded no problem. Fired the first round and it shot awesome. Unfortunately, it jammed on the second round and couldn't ever get it to fire again. It was attempting to feed but would send the round in at a bad angle where it wouldn't go in the barrel. Unfortunately, I didn't have any other mags with me to test to see if the mag was the issue. Is this a known problem? Should I try it with my non-factory mags before getting too concerned? I've heard only good things about these guns so I'm really hoping this was just a weird incident. Thanks!
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