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  1. Super Tucano sounds like something someone would order from Taco Bell. I would like a big beef burito, 29 super tucanos, an order of cheesy fiesta potatoes and a large baja blast mountain dew please.
  2. Its always nice when your wife helps you blow your wad!
  3. Its no easy task for the right to win the propaganda fight in America when the left owns Hollywood controls most of the media and uses our schools to brainwash the youth.
  4. How many Obamuments do these whiny ass-clowns need? Isn't this enough?
  5. Somehow I have a feeling that if you told a progressive liberal POC "Person Of Color"(because white is not a color,just like zero is not a number, 2+2=5, and illegal aliens are just immigrants without papers.)That they couldn't be a snowflake. You would be called a racist, given a lecture on inclusionism and maybe even a pamphlet about bullying .
  6. I got a laugh from this. Thank you. I already know several recipes for a good quickie though. Sometimes if I'm really feeling lazy I'll just throw the credit card on the floor and wait for the wife to pick it up. Never made a quiche. Its kind of like an omelette baked in a pot pie crust?
  7. Do you think the "L" stands for Loser, Leftist, Liberal, Lesbian, or all of the above? She looks so young in that old photo!
  8. My main intention was to point out how ignorant and dangerous the rhetoric of the"progressive" left is. From the tippy top of the hierarchy to the deep dark blm bottom. Its also an open invitation to point out how god damn butt-fugly these old vultures are. *on a side note i've heard from a reliable source that Madeleine was so ugly as a child that her parents had to tie a pork chop around her neck so that the family dog would play with her*
  9. She scored this gig too. Probably saved the studio a fortune using her own make up!
  10. Former Secretary of State and current Crypt Keeper body double Madeleine Albright has vowed to register as a Muslim if POTUS Donald J. Trump creates such a registry. Is there a disgusting old Commie hag registry that she can join for practice?
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