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  1. so long story short i have a spare exps3-0. I'm trying to come up with a gun to use it with or else give/sell it to my brother. The only thing I can think of is maybe throw it on my saiga 12. I have a full chaos titan rail on it and some hk style iron sights. I'm also waiting on a salvo 12 that's in nfa jail. My saiga 12 is my home defense shotgun and an occasional range toy, every now and again i bring it to shoot sporting clays but tbh i can't hit shit with it compared to some other shotguns I have so it's pretty rare i even take it out... Anyways, does it make sense to put th
  2. Thank you deadeye for hooking me up with that stock!
  3. can anyone reccomend where I can find a thumb-hole stock for a converted saiga? I prefer the Dragunov style skeleton stock. I've seen the ATI but I don't like the fixed cheek pad, I want a stock which has a cheek pad that will rotate out of the way. I found one by blackhorse arsenal, but at $180 it's a little expensive for me.
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