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  1. I have a CSS aluminum buckshot hole forearm on mine and if you stay back towards the reciever it's good. If you reach out towards the gas block.........ouch!
  2. Yes I am. Used to hunt down that way near an old ghost town named Whon and picked up the handle. Now I'm out near Bronte, between San Angelo and Abilene. Love that Comanche area! Me too! I,m gonna make that cabin my primary residence in a couple of years.
  3. Sorry I don't have anything to offer but I was just wondering where you are. I live in Springtown (for now) and have a place with a cabin on it between Dublin and Comanche just off 377. Are You invoking the name of the town Brownwood?
  4. I have two of these. One for my Bulgarian circle 10 thirty rounders and one for AR mags.I also have one of the eight mag 9mm stick mag pouches for my Sterling. I like them all...............
  5. Thanks, Captzeno. I know some lower handguards have to be modded a bit to work with an Ultimak and didn't know if it looked like that might be the case with these. I do realize though that these that the ultimak replaces the gastube. I don't think you would have a problem but, there might be a little trimming involved.
  6. Pyzik, They are simply a lower forearm and utilize the original gas piston tube. You would still have to do something with the tube to facilitate mounting an ultimak.
  7. The back end mounts like the normal Saiga fore grip and the front mounts similar to a scope ring around the barrel. They do not interfere with the gas tube at all. Cool! Thanks for the info! How does one attach a sling attachment to that handguard? Brian, There are four holes in a row on the bottom that I assume could be for a Pic rail. I intend to use one of these and mount the original sling swivel. Missle Shooter, Did yours mount up to the barrel as advertised in the instruction? My barrel diameter was smaller than the clamp dia. The barrel stepped up to the correct size just aft of
  8. Looks good on that 20" barrel. They do add a bit of weight but they also feel solid and are solid. I have not shot mine yet so I don't know about improved accuracy. What kind of buttstock is that?
  9. OK, A while back I posted a thread asking if any of you had any experience with the Carolina Shooters Supply "Buckshot" aluminum forearm stock. I got no replies, so I assume no one is using one or maybe even aware of their existance. I just bought one and put it on my .223 and here it is.........
  10. Just a little "heads up". Check the three parts of the fire control group (FCG) trigger, hammer and disconnector and make sure that they are marked USA. Your rifle looks to be converted to a minimum of US parts count per 922r. The buttstock looks to be an Arsenal stock and should also have USA on it. This will keep you legal unless you use US made mags only as they will make up three of the required parts listed, body, follower and floorplate and offset the FCG.
  11. Any of you wearing the CSS AR buckshot forearm stock? Do you like it?
  12. Now you got something!!! I just field tested my .223 conversion today and had no hiccups........hope yours works out well too.
  13. Like your avatar AKKarl.
  14. Done........Initial functions check good but I'll have to shoot it to put the final seal of approval on it. Those Bulgys fit nice (with a little help).
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