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  1. Ive heard good things on liberty mystic.
  2. I have alot of stuff to check out but all looks good. around here ppl are buying up materials left and right
  3. this thread definitely didn't go where i thought it would lol. so Idk how about dragon scale body armor vs regular civilian market stuff?
  4. Did you guys see the bullpup version of the svd? I wish that would come to the states
  5. You should really read some of the information here. You've posting alot and just admitted you don't know too much about what you're talking about. Rather that parroting what someone else has said, educate yourself. You misunderstand my intention. I just worded that wrong. I did my research and was just quoting someone someone who you guys actually know.
  6. In the barn? With the livestock, right? No they had a barn where they worked on cars and stuff. They were having too much fun for my liking so I just minded the alcohol lol The first indication that things would go awry:Spencerville. /sanity Youve been to spencerville havent you? you know what kind of people live there haha. we used to go out and shoot by the streams
  7. The FNX tactical vs the FNP is more internal than looks. I guess they built the fnx to be more accepting of all different brands of 45 compared to how the FNP was extremely Picky I had both. well the regular FNP 45 then I got The FNX tactical after i sold the fnp. noticeable difference in my opinion.
  8. lol humor me man. Im just saying if you were to pick out a good vest. what would it be.
  9. lol i stayed in the barn the entire time. Teaching me never to go out with my old hick room mates again
  10. I guess they all abandoned ship lol
  11. right but i hear alot of bad things about particular brands advertising that theirs has level 3 protection then when shown on youtube testing these brands vests failed miserably. SO i guess i should say which brands would you trust your life with that has a good reputation.
  12. I used to live in this hick place called spencerville IN. lol... long story short forced into this redneck get together involving naked guys in a above ground pool and more alcohol and fireworks than a new years celebration. They had bon fire going and some jag off throws a spam can into the bon fire along with all the fireworks he was carrying. I never ran so fast in my life...
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