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  1. Thanks for the reply Jetmech, but I haven't yet completed the trigger replacement as I have seen varying statements as to whether or not the g2 works without moving the trigger guard forward (as I have not and do not plan to).... And thats my real question. Can the g2 trigger work with the factory setup of the saiga 223? But if i read your response correctly, without the trigger replacement I would be at 9 foreign parts which would still put me in compliance, right? Sorry for the idiocy as I know this information is everywhere, but sometimes you just need to talk to someone who's do
  2. Hello, After reading the forums, you guys seems to be the authority on Saiga conversions. I was wondering if you could help me out. I elected to go with a non permanent conversion and have purchased the following parts: 1) Tapco intrafuse hand guard 2) tapco t6 stock with pistol grip 3) tapco gas piston 4) SGM tactical magazines 5) tapco g2 single hook trigger So far I have installed the hand guard, stock w/grip, and gas piston. It is my understanding that this rifle is in compliance with 922r as long as I only use the US made magazines, is that accurate? Now I would like
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