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    Thanks for the welcome. I am going to convert it myself! I know this could start a firestorm of replies and debate, but can you advise me what company is generally regarded as having the best trigger group, trigger guard, extended mag release, alternate/ergonomic safety, gas puck, and gas regulator/plug. I also need advise on a folding stock. Price is no concern since I am saving a ton doing it myself. I know one could debate each of these items for days and that the threads are probably already in the archives, but "I ain't got time for that!" The zombies and home invaders are already in my a
  2. Just bought my first saiga 12. Of course I want it converted. Looked at a few of the major converters. I'm leaning now toward doing it myself. I watched all of the videos on the Carolina shooters sight and a load more on you tube. What are the major drawbacks to buying the parts and doing it myself. I don't want to spend the money and time only to find out later that I made a big mistake. Thanks!
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