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  1. But don't you think the whole damn forum has gotten pretty boring without it?
  2. Here we go again... You might be correct in thinking this about knock-offs, but if you want the real-deal contact Firebird Precision.
  3. You sir are of a sick mind. I'm going to take up a collection and as soon as it hits $20 I'm gonna send it to you so you can get laid... -RK-
  4. I would bet that this was the first MKA ever to be prepped for a stock adaptor. RK
  5. At least you are making an effort, which is good news. Keep up the good work. I just looked at your site and see you now have your own carrier for sale..NICE All you guys need is the bolt and you will pretty much have every major part for the MKA. T&N RULES THE MKA MARKET
  6. Gotta say... we were all just holding our breath waiting for your f cking opinion.
  7. Rebel Katt

    Mka drum

    Clarify please. Your comment makes no sense. Son.
  8. Rebel Katt

    Mka drum

    And you were sucking-up to field test it! Oh the irony! Boss.
  9. Rebel Katt

    Mka drum

    Maybe you should sweep Jim's garage first.
  10. So in your feable mind, a person who is supportive is a kiss-ass? Ignorant!
  11. And what exactly have you contributed that's of any "importance"? I've got nothing but but respect for Firebird Precision! Why? Because they extremely innovative, creative AND MOST ALL HONEST! But some people are too ignorant to realize any of that.
  12. I would be impressed if you could make a Saiga from scratch. Starting with bare metal plate that is. And I would be equally impressed if you could get your stock-photo boar spear to be featured on a nationally followed TV show. R K
  13. http://www.thesportsmanchannel.com/shows/heli-hunter/ Now these guys know which shotgun to use! Nice going FIREBIRD PRECISION! R K
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