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  1. anyone know where to find a mka 1919 xn bolt or should i just part out my gun
  2. how about replacement pins for the bolt!!
  3. then where would i find the pin that holds the extractor or do i just have a really sweet club?
  4. +1 for the xn bolt who has then and how much anyone know?
  5. Just call Firebird Precision 505-847-0108 thank you Jim and Nancy for all your help this afternoon great customer service as always
  6. they will work in the xn model correct?
  7. any word on when your replacement bolt will be ready Jim
  8. This site needs an ar15 forum!!!
  9. *rat's *dying *answer *man's *wouldn't and you think i care why!!! go be useful somewhere elce. *else Last time i checked a man,s spelling dose not necessary effect the ability to produce beautifly work, the best concrete finisher or electriction may not spell well but can do one hell of a job! have fun correcting my spelling. thank you Jim
  10. *rat's *dying *answer *man's *wouldn't and you think i care why!!! go be useful somewhere elce.
  11. hostile as usual but, on another note who gives a rats ass about spelling its no wonder this forum is dieing, can someone please anwser the mans question who has what patents i wouldnt mind seeing more options thanks guys.
  12. i have an early xn modle and had the same problem, not a big deal just take a large round file and file down the handguard where it rubs save your self the ruber mallot headake it becomes a pain in the ass to strip down, been there done that.
  13. http://gunwiki.net/Gunwiki/VerifyCompliance use this site to keep yourself legal but all in all gun looks good man.
  14. that all depends on if it is a reputable company or not that is eather known for selling or making good products. if its not or if its a no name than not as much.
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