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  1. Listen idiot, for the last time I have never been banned from here this is the FIRST TIME I've been here. You are very immature. I've been watching from a distance lately and noticed you guys rail roadin' a couple new guys thinking that they are SS man or super man or what ever. Knock it off and get a life dude, you must have been brought up by a drunk dad and a mean step mom who beat you all the time and now you have this inferiority complex or something?
  2. I think it is funny. I've been searching around and you guys spend a lot of time thinking about the Sally character. Maybe you should be more mature than him (or her) and ignore it rather than fuel it. This forum has turned into a bad episode of Jerry Springer and is not getting any better when you accuse EVERY single new user of being this Sally or Silly Sally or what ever the fuck the name is. I belong to an ar-15 forum and no talk of this kind comes about. Nothing but mature conversations about guns or working on guns or shooting. No moronic smiley face symbols or smileys with stupid hats or bickering back and fourth or accusations of being an imposter or childish things of that sort. There is a lot of useful info on this site but there are a certain few I will not name (you know who you are) that seem to just wanna argue and point fingers and be strait up punks. Thank You.
  3. That is way too high. I will wait for RCW I guess.
  4. Wow, they are accusing you too eh? I am new as well and they accused me of being some Sally member as well. Don't let it bring you down though I think they are just a little bit paranoid because apparently this Sally character tormented them pretty bad. Anyhow welcome.
  5. Hey I am wondering if anybody knows when some new Saiga's will be shipped from Russia? Thank You.
  6. I'm not here to argue with you guys, I am here for information on the ak/saiga platform. I still think this forum is a great place.
  7. What? Um I don't know how to respond to that. No because I was not a member here a few months ago....and it is not armor piercing do your research.
  8. Hahahaha.....sock baby. Good one.
  9. Stop calling me SS please that is not me. And I am not religious and can speak my mind. "God" bless the 1st amendment.
  10. God..that fairy tail fictional character related to Jesus?
  11. Hey sorry man I decided to go through K-var. No offense to you but I don't know you and would rather order from a company. I've been stiffed before, not here but on another forum.
  12. Well as far as I'm concerned. I emailed them and they got back to me with in an hour. Maybe it was luck.
  13. Oh no, I got the carrier but the bolts are going to be out for about a month or so said the lady that e-mailed me back; quite quickly too, I think they have pretty good customer service.
  14. Today at a gun show I found some norinco steel core ammo for cheap. Is this stuff worse on your barrel than the tula or wolf ammo?
  15. I found them at k-var but they are all out of bolts but will get one when they are back in stock.
  16. You guys are hilarious. This place is awesome. Anyways I found my spare parts so all is good. Thanks for the suggestions.
  17. I am not SS. I searched for what you are talking about and I found it. This guy you think I am is not me haha I promise. I was just asking about spare parts and I am sure SS and I are not the only ones on the planet looking for saiga spare parts. Thank you.
  18. Does anybody know where to get spare parts for the Saiga 7.62x39 rifle? I know the carrier and bolt head are a bit different from the AKM.
  19. Although I do like the 332, I am going to have to agree with Captain Hero.
  20. Damn. I wish I would have got one a long time ago when they were abundant. I think those are the sweetest Saiga rifles you can get.
  21. If I were you I would hold on to the Ak's and save your dimes up for an AR. I am currently converting a Saiga that I've owned for years and have not seen any new ones in quite sometime. I will pay you 1000 for your IZ 332.. It is the 7.62x39 one right?
  22. I am %100 red neck American. I am from Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Do you guys have ammo where you are? Between here and Texas it is dead dry as far as ak ammo or 556/223. Can't even find 22 long. Can't wait for it to go back to normal.
  23. Those are very nice rifles, how do you get the wood hand guard and on there? I would like to have wood on mine.
  24. What is peening exactly? I have not shot the rifle yet it is just something that I noticed and did a little research on the web and saw a couple incidents where the hammer was not correctly profiled. Thank You.
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