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  1. Well i now feel really stupid I didn't know it came with a lock washer hahahahaah... So for the post guys... It's on and looking good
  2. Here are some pics of the trigger guard... Do yall think I just need a long screw? I wonder if the size of the screw is on ATI web site somewhere
  3. How do i upload a picture to the thread?
  4. It is a after market trigger guard I bought the gun used so I'm not sure which guard is on there but I can get a picture later...
  5. Im on my phone let me get a pic tonight and upload it... Maybe it will help you help me lol
  6. I'm not sure if I follow you Heartbreaker....
  7. Alright I got the scorpion grip for my converted S12.... You figure the install would be very simple but of course i run into problems. When I tighten the screw that came with the grip onto and grip nut it will not make the grip tight. You can move the grip around while it's mounted on the gun. I don't want to sound stupid but I'm lost. I got so mad at it last night I put it up and said I'll make a new forum tomorrow haha... Any info will help thanks guys!!
  8. I have never had any dealings with this things but they look awesome! Can you guys help me out with the good and the bad? Anyone have any pictures of their S12 with one on it? I have the Titan rail on mine so I hope one will fit with it... any info will help thanks guys and God Bless...
  9. Just bought me a S12 and wanting to ge tthe Magwell my question is which mags do i need to buy to go with them that I don't have to do any modification to the mag? What's some other good looking / must upgrades ya'll do?
  10. Okay guys I'm in the market for a Saiga 12 and I think I might have found one but it's not converted... My questions are in the conversion something I might can do with little gun smith experience? Whats the best conversion kit to buy? does anyone have a converted 12 for sale haha.. thanks for the help...
  11. Trying to sell a 10 round mag and a gas plug. Gas plug was never used and the mag was used may be 4 times with no problems... Asking 60 shipped for both OBO... text me 601-764-8255
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