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  1. I got the same email . I did not open it --- deleted it . I don't have an account with ar15.com , I may have been on their web sight once or twice , don't know . Looked too weird to me , may be a way to get a virus on your computer .
  2. Anyone have experience with Ultradot optics ?
  3. Yes I bought it used from a pawn - gun shop . They sell new and pre owned firearms . I bought a new Saiga 7.62 from them back in Feb . and they knew I was interested in a S12 and I happened to stop in the day they got it in . The rest is history . All I saw when I loooked down the barrel was a lot of dirt . Hey I've got alot to learn about this stuff . I think what I'm going to do for now is buy the chromolly 18" barrel from icc off of ebay . My idea for fixing the gasblock is to thread the hole by the detent pin and use a small screw to hold the detenet pin in , plug the hole on the other sid
  4. There is only the bottom edge of the pin exposed in the barrel . With the gas block on I can't see the gas ports much less that pin when looking down the bore . Izhmash, RWC Group , the original seller , the original purchaser, the place I bought it from , and myself , we all missed it . You are correct , alot of fail going on . So the lesson here for me is to for now on is to assume that any firearm can have serious flaws , used or new . To assume that a new firearm is OK because it's new is foolish , the one I bought was new at one time , it was flawed from it's begining . I certainly took
  5. Thanks for the info . I bought the gun used and there are no returns on used firearms where I bought it from . Unfortunately the only way to find this out was to take the gas block off ( or fire some slugs through it ----- na ) . I'll look into Cadiz Gunworks for sure . I also came across www.iccmfg.com --- they make 12" and 18" chromolly barrels for the Saiga 12 . I'm too far into this to give up on it . Again , thanks for the help, I appreciate it ! I'll let you know how this turns out !
  6. Hello everyone . I'm new here and I need some help . I purchased a used Saiga 12 recentl.y , I ran 2 12 round mags of Winchester light stuff and not one ejected . But that's not the problem . I removed the gasblock and found the top pin ( the one in front of the gas ports ) was drilled at an angle and instead of having a notch on top of the barrel , there is a hole through the barrel into the bore . So I need a barrel possibly a gasblock and someone who can remove the bad barrel and install a replacement . Any ideas or help ? Thanks .
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