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  1. I received the scope today and it is in great condition as advertised and it found a home. Thanks again New home
  2. Tmc

    Slide porting problems?

    I did the work myself it cycles stock 115 gr no problem use a carbide mill and go slow
  3. Tmc

    MatchSaverZ on a MKA 1919?

    I used to run a rem 1100 and I would use a safariland 2 shell holder on my belt for the oh shit load this may work for you if you wear it on the left side
  4. Tmc

    fore arm nut ?

    I drilled and tapped a 1/4-20 hole in the end to install a cap screw to keep the nut on
  5. I love cats I just can't eat a whole one myself
  6. I have one and it is a very nice weapon
  7. Tmc

    Here's some mid barrel comps ready to install

    I have a mill and the Firebird comp I bought didn't come with a port pattern so I never installed it