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  1. Hey Red, where did you set the ring for your strap on this stock? and why/what strap set up you have? Thanks
  2. Bought it from a guy who saw my posts at calguns.net and had one for sale. He bought his with this one as second stock. I think with the scope it gonna be pretty awesome, the grip is amazing comfortable. With iron sights, to get them aligned i move the cheek pad to the other side. For now, I dont wanna drill the receiver and I figured finding a PSL stock would take forever ...
  3. Here it is http://s194.photobucket.com/user/DrMavashi/media/S1.jpg.html http://s194.photobucket.com/user/DrMavashi/media/S2.jpg.html Was able to find exactly the stock i was looking for ...
  4. still a better trigger than factory... +100! Oh and you do not need to have the grip wrap in CA, but must go with the mag lock and limit to 10rds if not(there are multiple options). I chose the maglock and 10rds. I can release my mags almost as fast as without a maglock and while out plinking I do not need 30rdrs(I own many though). Not saying I like the options, but they are what I have for now. I prefere to handle the firearm as functional rather than an akward thumb hold. The mag issue is just to get by! Well, I am a total newb and I dont have all the time in the world to go to the range. So, I will focus on getting my accuracy up, then maybe something like Free gun, to get move-and-shoot down, and then i will work on getting my mag release fast with a stupid BB. Until then, I wanna try a "filled" saiganov because the stock version feels a little compressed between shoulder and wrist ....
  5. The second from the top looks like the most ergonomic. How would the process be different Kydex vs Epoxy? Thanks for the pics ! For the forum's inquisition, I am picking it up on the 25th and will post a picture.
  6. Ok, I am not "Silly" from Vympel, and I am glad buttstock was a success, now with a f****ng cherry on top, anyone here modded a "saiganov" skeleton to "featureless" ?
  7. Am I a fan of spetznas ..... Silly is she from Alfa/Vympel or from GRU brigade ? So, how about that buttsock mod ... ?
  8. New and from the most popular state here it seems ... CA. But I am a proud owner of 7.62 x 39 16" Saiga. The first mod i would like to do on it is a stock mod. I would like to "fill in" the skeleton Saiga stock to avoid the BB requirement. Did anyone do this here, or has a good idea on what would be a good way of doing this? Thanks.
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