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  1. DaveM was great to work with and I'd recommend him for your photo needs. Thanks for helping me out and putting a rush on this as I wanted these items up on the site so the guys here can take advantage of the upcoming 48 hour Black Friday sale. 15% off using code: BF1315 details on the site.
  2. The first few products of our Saiga12 line are starting to roll off the production line and we need some decent product pictures taken. Normally I do them myself but unfortunately I'm short on time and Saiga12 mags for use in the the pics. If you have some experience with taking lightbox and posed shots shoot me a PM. We need shots of the drum/mag pouch that hold a 20 round drum or up to 5 10 rd mags. (molle and shoulder strap attachment) and a shoulder bag that holds those big nasty 12 rounders. So if you have a plethora of mags/drums a camera and some talent please contact me and we'll w
  3. I have a bushmaster that runs both equally well. Being a left handed shooter I've found the steel casings eject a little later than the brass and grazes my right cheek leaving a dirty smudge. I prefer to use brass but needed to know that steel will work if needed.
  4. Actually they take great pains to recover and properly bury the WWII dead. There was an article recently about how the germans are being allowed into Russia to recover 100"s of thousands of remains buried in small cemeteries and placing them in larger more consolidated ones.
  5. Yes - For 12 rounders we'll be doing a bungee topped shingle and a shoulder bag that will hold 4 mags along with other pockets.
  6. Probably in the $80 -85 dollar range for the chest rig. Still working on pricing for the drum pouch. Pouches are too deep it was designed with the 30's and 40's in mind. I can cut one down for you to fit 20's if you want.
  7. Thanks - The beauty of the system is that the double mag pouches (not shown) will match the design of the chestrig pouches so you'll be able to add capacity to either side if needed.
  8. Based on the input from the survey a few weeks a go here's what we have so far. Respondents indicated they carry mostly 8 and 10 round mags and typically have one in the gun and four mags on stand-by. Also it was indicated that many people carried one or two 20 round drums. With that in mind here's what we came up with: The chest rig carries 4 mags (either 8 or 10 rounds) in a covered pouches with rounds up or down as desired. With plenty of side panel that also has a roomy back pocket. Loaded with 10 round mags on the left and 8 round mags on the right, the chest rig also accepts a
  9. I'm familiar with some of the people Raven shot against, this was a hard earned trophy. Great job.
  10. +1 on the write-up. That's a good looking stock do they produce one for the M1-carbine?
  11. Ok - time to draw the winner,first a bit about the picking methodology. As people entered their forum name or email into the survey the system dropped them into a numbered list. The site: random.org has a widget that will generate a random number between to limits that I set, in this case 1 to 59. (If you prefer its ok to picture a gorgeous bikini woman with bib boobs reaching into a hat) It generated #26 which is turns out to be: Dad2142Dad Dad2142Dad please PM me when you get a chance. Thanks everyone for filling out the survey and providing the insight we need to get the ri
  12. Wow - June 5th already! Last call for anyone wanting to still participate: Link removed We'll do the drawing tomorrow morning and post the user name or email address of the winner. In case of email address we'll mask part of it to ensure privacy/unusability. Thanks everyone
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