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  1. i dont have a flaired magwell Just in case you did not know the bolt has to be back to load the mag.
  2. the instructions clearly say if the LRBHO does not work to email them and they will send you pics of what to file.
  3. Well the drum hit my door late friday night and I did not find it till the morning. First impression its not as big as I thought don't take it the wrong way its BIG LRBHO does not function on my gun I emailed customer support and am awaiting a response auto mail said they were gone till the 1st but would try and answer in the evenings If you have one of the original side folding stocks at least on my gun you cant put the drum in the mag well with the stock folded to the side it holds it out at least 1/2"
  4. well maybe they just charged me for one I never got any kind of tracking info.
  5. Centerfire just charged my CC so I assume one may actually magically appear at more door soon.
  6. just wondering when they thought they were getting some did you get a new order number ? when they updated my info last time they thought they were getting them They changed my order number.
  7. Classic firearms shows them in stock 99 +17 shipping messing with the cart they had around 45-50 when I found them.
  8. sorry it was just me I had a bad Burrito for lunch
  9. Well they should call you if its expired and they try and charge it before they pass you over. With that said SGM posted good things come to those who wait alot feel that means the drum is shipping unless its the 54r Mag. Or they are just talking about the glock mags again lol
  10. SGM just posted good things come to those who wait so is it drums or 54R mags lol
  11. I gave up I am not thinking or saying anything till its in my hands lol
  12. well makes me feel better I was not the only one now I know I was not being pranked From the post on SGM facebook it looks like its still in testing.
  13. well its true they are sold out Did you want them to put hey we have never had any in stock but feel free to sign up for one.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/SgmTactical1/posts/1032004753508478 update on the vepr drum https://www.facebook.com/SgmTactical1/posts/1032004753508478
  15. I dont think you can anymore at least at centerfire. The list started 2 years ago when they were announced to be done and ready to ship soon lol. Some other shops may still be taking orders.
  16. I just got a call from Centerfire systems and they wanted to know If I still wanted the SMG drum they should get them in about 10 days. So we shall see
  17. I disagree with you his post was very appropriate and non attacking. If something fails its good to let others know so they can check there items and make sure they are good to go.
  18. I have never used them and don't know anything about them so deal with them at your own risk lol http://www.k-var.com/shop/VEPR-12.html
  19. thanks I assume the choke "blocks" the 10 slots. Would kind of defeat the suppressor if the holes were still open LOL
  20. So with silencerco putting out a suppressor for a 12 ga. It attaches via an adapter for chokes so far the list is Remington Mossberg Benelli Beretta Browning FNH/Winchester Weatherby Is there a choke adapter for the vepr 12 to alow any of those chokes ?
  21. they most likely have more orders than they can fill in several deliveries and there is no point in taking more and having to answer where is my stuff questions
  22. lol how many new gun products are ever released on the date originaly quoted its usualy 6-12 months later.
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