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  1. I would love to pick up a M-Lok version, any plans for it? Thanks.
  2. Yeah, I thought this project was dead, nice to see they are still working on it. Not holding my breath but will pick one up for sure if/when they come to market.
  3. I am listing my like new .223 Vepr Mags. Just opened them up and used them for the first time last week to test my new Vepr and they ran great, no problems. I just did a AR mag conversion so I am not needing them and more. Selling them together: $30 for both + $5 shipping Thanks for looking!
  4. Do you think it being applied on a thread adapter connected to the barrel with a lot of heat generated would negate its benefits while shooting, and it loosen significantly?
  5. So, I wanted to use PWS FSC 556 that uses 1/2x28 RH Threads and found a great 14x1 LH to 1/2x28 RH Thread Adapter at CNC Warrior. Since CNC is a LH twist and the PWS is a RH twist I am going semi permanently attach the CNC adapter piece so I can tighten the PWS without the CNC spinning lose. My question is what should I use? Red or Blue locktite? Teflon tape really only helps with indexing, any recommendations?
  6. Ymmv but I have not had good luck with SGM mags. They have lots of flashing leftover on the inside, didn't run smooth, and the ones I have had have never left me impressed. Also P-Mags come in 25rds also now in .308 for $20-$25. I called them last week and they just built that prototype and and just getting their backlog work done, they are not even taking quotes on services or conversions right now. I am sure they will in the future but they had no timeline when I called.
  7. Just going out on a limb, but I don't think the Tapco triggers are setup for 3.5lb pull. Compared to other rifles with light triggers I have, it feels more like 6-8 and I don't know harpin doesnt come to mind for me. They are not double stage but unless somthing works its way into your trigger guard or you re-profiled your hammer quite a bit I cant see it going off from a drop. I do understand that idea an notion and can relate, I use a Glock Saf-T Blok on my G26 carry gun for that same reason, but that is inside my pants with a lot more chance for contact or snags.
  8. Okay so that was my next post, have you seen the V02 gas tubes at Dinzang, I emailed them and it looks like it is a solution to using standard 2 pc hanguards, what do you think? Bottom of the page: http://www.dinzagarms.com/saiga_762x39/gastubes.html Here was the info I got from them: "The gas tube swap you just have to tap the cross pin out in the rear flip aperature, remove the aperature - be sure to not loose the 2 springs - then swap tubes & reinstall." I was going to use the Bolt on HG retainer w/ it as well. See any problems?
  9. Solid, thanks for the info. Liberty, in general did you perfer the 01 or 02 Vepr's?
  10. So some guys on AK Files were talking about how the bolt carrier on the 02 "Integrated Sight" models "seemed" longer than the 01 versions and it might actually be a longer piston. Can anyone verify this?
  11. Yes, numerous responses from importers including RWC, ackowledge they will, and it seems the consensus is they are marked .223 for importation "sporting" reasons only, what ever the hell that means...
  12. Their website doesn't say if the triggers are single stage or two stage. The one I bought for my Vepr 12 from them a couple years ago was single stage, I believe all their triggers are and the only two stage triggers that come to mind are red star and arsenal.
  13. Since the Russian 5.56 bolt is out of stock will any 5.45 bolt work or whats the rule on these?
  14. Yeah I would love to, but I think those Saiga .223 bolts they have listed were from back a few years ago when they were doing Saiga conversions and since they arent anymore, I wonder if they will ever again. I have called a few times in the past year and they said they were out of stock and wouldnt know if they would be getting more in again I know lots of AK-74 kit bulds guys have rebarreled in 5.56 with the same bolts, but yeah the difference in spring loaded firing pins is noteworthy.
  15. So I know mancat and others have addressed that a 5.45 bolt fo a AK-74 can work in a Saiga with the caveat that slam fires could possibly occur. Is this the right part? Does anyone know a source for the besides K-Var? https://www.k-var.com/shop/AK-182R.html Also if anyone knows where I can find an actual .223 bolt like this one, or wants to give a spare up.... Let me know! https://www.k-var.com/shop/AK-557R.html I am getting ready to do a big project with a new Saiga 20" .223 from J&G and just wanted to make sure I had an extra bolt with all the money I am putting into it,
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