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  1. Update 7/25 Now offering 3 different packages at different price points. See updated listing above. Thank you. Call or text Jordan @ (208) 618-9256 for questions or offers.
  2. Update 8/6: sold pending funds ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It pains me to even put this up for sale, but we have another baby on the way and I have to re-prioritize. This Vepr 12 is clean, has been taken great of, and has a lot of great features. I got it in May and is very good condition and all accessories are new condition. Slight normal wear on the gas tube release lever and safety selector, and brake nut. Call or text Jordan @ (208) 618-9256 for questions or offers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated 8/1 Vepr 12 Complete package: $1700 Vepr 12 TSS G2 Custom Profiled Fire Control Group CSS US Gas Puck Bonesteel Vepr-12 Galil Style Folder (Right Folding for easy and rapid deployment) Chaos Vepr 12 Quad Rail Tromix Mini Monster Brake w/Russian Style brake nut Burris FFIII 8 moa red dot sight UTG 26mm IRB LED Flashlight w/ QD rail mount and 3 on/off selectors (twist, push button and pressure pad switch) Magpul RVG Rail covers on all rail sections for comfort (5) Molot 5 round magazines (2) SGM 10 rounders Original Handguards $35 Shipping Payments: USPS Money Order, Paypal (add 3%) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Thanks. I had never intended on putting a brake on this. I was thinking about trimming the barrel back and just threading a internal choke in. I might go with one of the short flash hiders. I did think about just going with a flash hider as well, and think it would be a fine option. It is a 12 gauge not a howitzer so you can handle the recoil for the most part. I think the the brakes that have the most recoil reduction are generally the competition style that usually end up being too heavy or unwieldy to put use in a HD type shotgun. All the other brakes are fine, put they are not magic and I think marketing usually plays a heavy role in peoples assumptions and cravings for the latest and greatest. I went with the Tromix mini moster, just got it today and it seems very well made, but I am not expecting a huge difference, I will report back. Fitter, go with what you like, any thing you choose will be better than no muzzle device, so have fun!
  4. I will buy VEPR-12 VPO-205-03 with 12 inch (305 mm) barrel. Work perfect from the box. Pics by Eros as well as V12 (03) gas block configuration. Papa Z, do you know how reliable this model is with light/target loads? That is the nice thing about the Vepr 12, that it will handle all loads w/o any problems. I don't get what the differences internally are compared to the 19" to make it run reliably. We have already have had forum members who have chopped their barrels and started having serious issues, it cant be just a shorter barrel and the same gas setup, right?
  5. I talked to the guys at Sierra Ordnance about approaching the same project, and I think he said anything below 16" and you really start to run into problems. Since the Vepr is so new and the formula is not really out there for what exactly the Vepr needs to run reliably at shorter lengths. Here are a few modifications I pieced together from people attempting this move that might be required for the Vepr 12 to cycle reliably. Relocating the gas bock rearward: Sierra Ordanance Re-Profiling and Polishing BCG, FCG, & Carrier rails: Pauly's Customs & EC4321 Enlarging or more preferably adding a 6th gas port: Evlblkwpnz via Vepr.org More from Evlblkwpnz via Vepr.org: Well, re-profiling and some degree of polishing may do it (trust me, things do not have to be super shiny to run), but some gas work may be needed, depending on how short you are going. The weapon should have 5 ports at .080" and a 6th port may need to be added, depending on how short you go, but other efforts should be in place and reliability tested prior to doing it. That's how I would go about it and I would not do any swapping or chopping of springs. Adding a port is a better option, IMO, than enlarging. The smaller the ports, the longer you can go before fouling decreases reliability. With larger ports, larger particulate/debris is allowed to enter the system, which usually means pieces of the shot cup/wad. From my own experience, a weapon with 4 ports at .093" will foul much quicker than one with 5 ports at .080", especially when using Federal Multi-purpose / Target / and Top gun loads. People often wonder why I like Winchester Universal so much. It is because the fouling is greatly reduced in comparison to the cheap Federal ammo. Running Win Universal is worth the initial 'smithing effort, IMO. Not easy, but worth it. Really small ports will clog easily (.070"ish). .080" seems to be the "sweet spot" for keeping the block clean while not clogging easily. In the end, I had to ask myself why I really wanted to do a 12" cut and attach a brake. For me the time and money on a project like this and advice from a few vendors has led me to steer away from this project. I have had 100% reliability with my Vepr through about 700 rounds and I do not want to mess with that reliability on a whim/fantasy project just to see what happens. I do not have any guns I do not use and need all my firearms running at top efficiency. If I had two of these like EC4321 I wouldn't mind seeing where I could take it but I have a few other projects on the table that could use my attention.
  6. Lol, in stock for russian surplus can mean 1 day to 9 months from now, good info though. Oleg really is good people, that place just flusters me a little bit. russiansurplus.net is run by a man named Alex. You are thinking of rusmilitary.com run by Oleg in England Thanks, I got those mixed up
  7. Lol, in stock for russian surplus can mean 1 day to 9 months from now, good info though. Oleg really is good people, that place just flusters me a little bit.
  8. Lower handguard still has some "room", but there is none at the top (cover). Entire assembly has to be shifted up to make room between the top of the gas tube and (future) heat shield. I hope to avoid pushing the lower handguard above the receiver's (bottom) edge. Shift.jpg Ideally, I want to make lower HG fully compatible with Saiga HG, utilizing the same pin mount upfront and same receiver screw. I don't see the way, nor need for adding D-ring mount for AK platform for (hopefully) future Magpul design of AK version. (Magpul, how copy?). Comparison: MOE_HG.jpg Open: MOE2s.jpg So does it mount at lock up pretty solid? I would be really interested in this for my TAKD Bastard, how much modding did you have to do?
  9. This should be in the accessories section. It will be a lot easier to find what you need, if you post where people aren't looking to buy > AK Based Rifles & Shotguns (WTS / WTT)
  10. What are you guys using for slings? I just picked up a Magpul MS3 QD Sling, and I really like it. It can attach for single and double point but I am running it single attached on the L side of my Bonesteel Vepr 12 Galil style folder.
  11. It's just the principle, I just don't buy things from certain companies (promag, tapco, taurus) for different reasons. I would just rather wait for a less expensive US made product anyway. Getting back on track though, yes those are your options. Hopefully someone will come out with one soon, I know I would love one!
  12. Yeah, you can find a few forum members who have used the MD-20 drums on Vepr 12's; Evl and Pauly both had videos posted if I remember right. There were no, major mods needed to be done to make them work. The Maxround are super expensive but I don't want one because their decals look like the back of an affliction shirt...Hard pass.
  13. Welcome to the club Maxrounds makes one but they are international, expensive, and seem chincy. You can take off the magwell and modify it to take MD-20's but besides that it all just rumors right now.
  14. Until you post a picture, this is a total lie Lol, I really do enjoy the accountability
  15. Recently I have been wondering about spare parts for the Vepr 12 and wanted to find out if there is a source out there for parts like bolts, carriers, extractors and other internal parts? I love my Vepr 12, I was just kind thinking if I keep it for 20 years and one day it breaks down, I do not want to be SOL after sinking and have a 2k-3K awesome club... Just trying to find a solution, also wondering if Saiga 12 parts will work? Thanks guys.
  16. also interested* Yes the Mako/Fab defense RPK quad will, I assume others will as well. Just a word of caution the Mako is almost $300 and has been reported to be not very high quality.
  17. So after putting my Chaos rail on I started realizing how heavy my Vepr was getting but after putting on a Magpul RVG it felt really balanced, I really recommend any type of VFG for the Vepr 12 it makes a big difference. I just went with the Magpul because I didn't have to sink a lot of money into it and could return it easily at Cabella's if I end up not liking it. I also looked at the Tango Down Stubby and Larue FUG, but for me it just came down to price.
  18. yea...That doesn't seem great, I don't know how its working now, hopefully the warranty is covered by someone. What about TGI?
  19. No, I think the warranty is from the importer WPA, Wolf.
  20. I looked but no Papa Z will have to chime in...
  21. No prob, I understand mine is long and heavy already and a little cumbersome. I am planning on chopping it down to about 12" and perm attaching the tromix monster brake. It doesn't really do a lot for weight, but I totally hear you I can't imagine it any longer either. I just like the recoil reduction because it starts to feel like shooting a carbine and is very easy to shoot. I like the rem choke idea, let us know what you find and decide to do.
  22. USPS money order's are what I use. yeah, you can go with a USPS MO, but if things go south in the deal, you're shit out of luck, the PO will not come to your rescue and get your money back, they'll give you a form to fill out and then file it with the 10s of millions of other forms and it will turn into dust. the BEST AND SMARTEST way is to use a CREDIT CARD, NOT A DEBIT CARD, but a CREDIT CARD. use the bank's money, if things do go south they will quickly get their money back so you won't be out anything. the best consumer protection out there is a CC. I use CC exclusively to buy things on the net, know how many times unscrupulous MFs tried to rip me off? 4. know how many did? 0. and these asswipes who tried, not only didn't get the money, but the CC company deducted a nice high charge back fee, for them being assholes. Okay, so as the title indicated the OP was referring to the $1199 deal for cash. I think we all know that using a credit card or even a debit card is easier and safer because you can do a forced charge back on the card if services or goods are not received, and to that end if you perfer a CC that works great too. However, the OP and myself were not addressing the merits of CC vs Cash we were talking about types of cash payments. Since a lot of the firearm retailers are smaller and offer discounts for cash or cash equivalents to avoid having to cover CC/DC fees or passing them onto their consumers, there is value in using a form cash to save 3%. I would not be worried about sending a MO, check, or electronic transfer to a reputable company like Buds, Centerfire, Classic or others. Not every business is big enough like amazon to eat that 3% CC charge so cash is a viable option. One call to the BBB and businesses tend to respond quickly. In private transactions, I understand the risk especially with parties unknown. Thank stinks people have tried to rip you off, that is the worst. I do use CC a lot but have had used MO's more than a few time with success. Thanks for the insight as it is a good point to bring up and remember, I just did not want people to be turned off to cash deals like Bud's and the like for security reasons.
  23. Railed Hanguards and FSBs are going to be no go, due to import regulations. You'll have to add them. Adjustable gas system would be nice, but I thought the veprs that had the plug on the front like saigas ran the same as veprs - non-adjustable - the plug was simply there to assist with cleaning? Papa Z has the "Improved Molot Gas block with plug" I talked to him about finding one but I cannot remember if it is actually adjustable. It is similar to the one on the ISPC version Vepr12 so if you google that you might find out. Here is the link to the original thread on Papa Z's custom Vepr 12's: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/77092-vepr-12-vpo-205-01-custom-edition-project-repost/
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