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  1. Bill, my gun doesn't like the 1145 fps shells. Furthermore, it doesn't even like 1200 fps Winchester shells. Neither one feed properly. My gun really likes 1250 fps Winchester AA's. I think it has more to do with the construction of the shell than the load or powder charge. Those are the only shells I've tried in the gun with the GL-Shock stock on it so far. I have some Fiocchi 00 buck (1150 fps) that my gun shoots very well, but I didn't shoot any at the range today. Next time, I'll take the Fiocchi and try it with the GL-Shock installed. I'll let you know...
  2. I went to the range today and fired the MKA with the Magpul CTR stock and then with the GL-Shock stock. It felt much softer to shoot with the GL-Shock and I was able to get back on target quicker. I then tried it on the AK47 and it worked well with that too, so I'm ordering another one. For anyone considering one of these, I recommend it.
  3. Border Dave

    fire bird

    No it means people on this forum pissed me off so bad Ill never sell it here. The drum rocks If that's the case, will you post it on your website when it's for sale?
  4. These magazines from Tooth and Nail Armory are less than half the price of the Firebird Precision mag you have. EDIT: Here's my gun: EDIT: I just got a new toy for my MKA.
  5. That looks like the original, pre-XN model. You've got what looks like the Firebird Precision Tac-12 billet aluminum lower receiver, 10-round magazine, and quad rail handguard with gas system (not sure of the manufacturer). Do you have the non-reciprocating charging handle on the left side?
  6. OK, I am not trying to start a pissing match, so I don't want to hear any derogatory responses from anyone. SM, what do you think makes the SAS(?) lower better than the Firebird Precision lower? And another question for the Saiga/VEPR guys... which is better, the Saiga or the VEPR and why?
  7. So, did anyone buy one of the Firebird drums? Anyone know if they're available yet?
  8. How heavy is it compared to the factory upper?
  9. Sorry, but my MKA is black, but I remembered seeing a red one on Youtube, so I did a search and found it for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rkGDzMeKvY
  10. You'll be missing out on the very best parts available for the MKA. Also, Firebird's customer service is top notch. I've purchased several FB products and have used their gunsmithing services. I've had several conversations with the FB employees, including Nanci, who is a very nice lady who's willing to go out of her way to help customers. Jim obviously feels like he's been wronged by the other company. Why does everybody want to just dismiss his assertions that his ideas were ripped off? FB's products were first to market and some of the other products that followed from other companies looks just like them. I don't personally know anyone who works for FB, but when I first saw some of the products that were available for the MKA, I thought to myself, "How is it they are so similar?" Jim's posts are not slanderous or degrading. He merely showed the differences between his products and the other company's. If the truth hurts, stop reading.
  11. I'm looking forward to seeing it. What would the application be for an MKA with a 22 inch barrel? (Pardon my newbness)
  12. Do you have a picture of the MKA with the 22 inch barrel mounted on it?
  13. My mag release button was really notchy if pressed at the wrong angle. I forgot to mention it to Jim when I had him on the phone. I'll have to call him back.
  14. I was finally able to get ahold of Jim on Monday. He had me send my receiver and my magazines back to him for inspection. He also told me he's using a new detent pin (He might have used other words; not sure) on the safety/selector lever. Mine was apparently one of the last ones to get sent out with the old system. He's going to switch it out for the new one for me. Hopefully the magazine clearance problem doesn't lie with the magazine well, and instead is just a tolerance issue with my Turkish magazines. We'll see...
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