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  1. I have found that there are tons of hypocrites on this site. They claim they are not lawyers but insist I follow their legal advice, LMAO.
  2. The consensus is that 922 was a law for importers and manufacturers. I don't think anyone has ever been charged with a 922 violation, the law pertains to the manufacture, not possession as I understand it, so if you buy a rifle at a gun show that someone else built, you haven't done anything wrong, however, to me the grey area is the magazine. If you put a magazine in a gun did you just manufacture a non-compliant weapon? I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. No you do not play a lawyer on TV, you play a prosecutor on this forum site. LMAO, good one
  3. 186524376acADwashington
  4. I gave you a tour of the shop, now let me show you a little something I made. It's not the best, but it was fun to make. Hope it's not to boring.
  5. I can give you a tour if you would like, if not I work in sheet metal. Free steel targets all day! This forum is awesome!
  6. I was going to suggest a website to you. Lol it looks like you bought a 3 pack and it did not go good. Seen a post of yours on another thread.My mags have zero issues. Sad to hear your mags did. And thanks for the fix info. http://uintaindustries.com/store/u308-magazine-three-pack/
  7. Regardless of the law, you do not need to mod your saiga 308 to accept high capacity magazines. I have No intent to disrespect anyone!
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