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  1. noticed that i never updated it with the brake installed. also barely visible in all that clutter is the polytac peeking out on the left side
  2. ok, so i missed the word "pup" on the first read through, and all i could wonder is "why was the baby shitting outside?"
  3. does anyone have dimensions, or one on hand that they can measure the rear sight dovetail on a CZ-75b? ive been scouring the interwebs and cant find the dimensions of the cut in the slide looking for the dimensions of the dovetail for this style sight basically
  4. I used 4-D reamer rentals for mine https://4drentals.com/
  5. actually i avoid their forums like the plague, but they do host and archive some great references
  6. im really suprised no one linked to this yet' Best chices for self defense ammo: https://www.ar15.com/ammo/project/Self_Defense_Ammo_FAQ/ considered by many to be the bible of defense rounds above all as many have said reliability in your specific handgun is of the upmost important. if it dosnt go bang it dosnt matter whats in there, if it works in one of your guns dosnt mean it will in the other. my baby eagle seems to really like gold dots, my xdm like federal hst.
  7. sadly i dont think theres any return from this path, and social media and cellphones have made it exponentially worse. the only way to revert things, people, and values back the way they were is a catastrophic event that ceases the internet and most modern technology from existing
  8. Can we paint most of shitcago in whiteface and let blm cry racism and burn the place to the ground?
  9. I like everything nice seen from them the last few days. Even the ak400 based new ak12 I like this, don't understand what's going on with the optics tho, NV?
  10. Yea, they do What was your issue with the install? The utg stuff is generally regarded as sub par
  11. i have a gp100 that i pretty much only shoot 357 out of, that turns some heads. the t53 is always good for getting everyone to poke their heads out of the ports
  12. Fwiw im a huge beleiver in boresnakes. Keep one on hand in every caliber i stock, then make cleaning a breeze and ya cant really hurt anything with them.
  13. best advantage of the chaos rail is it is atached to the gas tube lock. that alows you to keep the factory irons, but also alows it to be removed from the rifle with the removal of one pin for cleaning, etc. im a few hundred rounds through my chaos and strikefire and have not seen an issue with zero yet.granted that is not a conprehensive training course hard use long term test, but so far im happy with the results. a side rail is going to be more repeatable and sturdy, just by the nature of the design. all 3 of the main topcover designs, chaos, tws akars have strengths and weaknesses.
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