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  1. Thanks for the asist Boomka, I agree. I was hoping to find out how they factory install the detent but no luck, dremel was my only option. Even cutting it in half gave me enough clearence. I bought a henged gas block, reciever cover and "spring carrier" with a lip and no detent but the more difficult part was salvaging the Saigas guide rod since it was meant for an m92. I got held up this month on some RG automatic pistols, preban. I managed to save 9 out of a dozen. If you or your buds might be interested feel free to message me. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Whatever kind of spring is used for the detent is broken inside, I did use your advice but its not clearing the cover by 1/4 inch
  3. I got hung up on a restoration job, my bad. Yes and it is litterally damaged. No amount of oil or tinkering will make it clear the dust cover. I gotta remove it and i have no exp with this part besides possibly cutting it off. Id love to know a better way if possible.
  4. Long story short, I registered with you guys awhile ago and then got pretty busy but I did continue to follow posts, how-to's and build ideas. I finished my conversion long ago but recently my Saigas detent has made getting the reciever cover off almost impossible and considering it wont clear the cover my bet is its broken. After searching I could not find anything but muzzle detent topics, I need a quick fix to remove the detent till i can replace it with something that has a lip and no spring loaded detent. Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. That puts my mind at ease. That makes sense, I try to scour resources before I buy and make sure I'm not getting myself into a 6-8 pound paper wieght I'll never use or that'll cost way more money but most of what I would see would be problem issues people are trying to find a solution for. I guess i'm in the right place then, knowledgeable people who have done these builds before and dealt with all the problems I hopefully can avoid. I'm not really sure where i wanna go after replacing the trigger at this point but I do know I want the Saiga to be as the creators intended. I guess my next project will be furnishing after the triggers done,
  6. Sounds good if you have reliability issues, consider the link in my signature. If I had a 3 port gun that needed more gas, I would consider giving it 2 more tiny ports as needed. (Which I did) I will, I got them bookmarked. That's actually something I've been really concerned with (most of all prior to buying it), aside from test fires I haven't been able to really use it since it isn't compliant yet. The retailer lost the factory mag before I had it held and picked it up so they tossed in a couple 10 rounds for free.
  7. All jokes aside. Here she is, she isn't much to look at yet but Heh so is the GF and I keep her around. I had to switch from my tab to pc to upload. I'm going to use a trigger kit from Dinzagarms.
  8. Im up to date on 922r compliance and have prior time logged with different arms but suggestions i always like to hear. Do i post with or without speedos?
  9. You have to hide it in "natures" pocket. (wink wink) and thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I have a "sporterised" Saiga 12 with a 19 inch barrel and 3 gas ports. i just got the drill needed for my trigger conversion today.
  10. I just recently got a Saiga 12 and figured this would be a good resource for info and i wanted to introduce myself. Im from the midwest, im new to owning a Saiga but not to firearms nor the AK platform. I enjoy work, music, guns (of course) and long walks on the beach in a speedo. (im joking) i prefer nude beachs. Tons of those around the midwest right? Anyways its good to be here and hopefully it will aide me in my next build.
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