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  1. Just wanted to report back ... Used a thread file and then followed up with a somewhat inexpensive ($25) rethreading die. The brake screws right on like it is supposed to now. Thanks to everyone for their helpful comments.
  2. Someone with the rifle in hand had to point this out to me, but it looks like the last thread got a little crimped towards the end. I'm sure I did that while getting off the shroud. Eventually cut the shroud in two with a Dremel and a cut off wheel which is why there a couple of nicks across the threads, but I started with a pipe cutter. Maybe the pipe cutter crushed the thread when I clamped it down. Did a full conversion of this rifle including a bullet ramp and hands down getting that shroud off was the most painful part. Now I'm thinking I need to get my hands on a die to restore that
  3. Have a Saiga IZ-332 and an Arsenal AK-140US muzzle brake (Bulgarian reproduction for 7.62x39, M24x1.5). The brake does not screw all the way back to the detent pin. Isn't it supposed to ? This rifle came with what looks like a threaded Bulgarian FSB with detent pin. I just had to remove a barrel shroud to get to the threads. The brake stops right before the pin. It appears to stop when the threads end. I can easily push in the detent pin while screwing on the brake -- the brake still doesn't go any further. Tried screwing on this M24x1.5 conduit panel nut. Maybe I don't f
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