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  1. So how much grinding is necessary to make a G2 hammer work in a Saiga clone, such as the Lynx?
  2. Just ran my Lynx for the second time yesterday. 👍 I think I might put a Holosun 503 series on it, with the "circle/dot" reticle. The circle approximates the shot spread at 25-30 yards, something like that.
  3. So it's safe to say the spikes bothered you? 😄 I only ask because I'm considering one of these to help keep my face separated from the receiver cover of my Lynx..
  4. Hi folks! Long time lurker. Long, long, time. 😀 I thought I'd log in and check when I joined: Feb '04. Can anybody beat that? 😎 Just got a Lynx-12. I'm hoping for good things. 🤞
  5. By 'neck' do you mean the brass? IE: 'low brass'? I'd really like to be able to buy ammo for this gun at wally world. Does the S-20 come with the 2 3/4" and 3" mags from the factory?
  6. Do all of these come with 70mm and 76mm mags from the factory? What are my chances of getting one to run birdshot?
  7. Well guys, The next time my friend with the S-20 is home from school, he said he would bring it along. I have about $160 in the revolver. It could be a good trade, but it does seem a little counter-intuitive to be trading off a revolver that is 100% reliable for a shotgun that, at this point, is not. The main reason I'm considering it is because my collection is made up of primarily Russian-designed pieces, and a Saiga shotgun would fit in well with everything else. Just shooting it until it's broken in sounds like an easy enough solution, but if that means dealing with a stoppage eve
  8. Hi guys, I have an opportunity to acquire a used Saiga-20. The owner states that it 'jams sometimes'. I do not know what kind of loads he's tried. I recall an internet rumor that said the Saiga 20s have the same recoil spring as the 12s, and this causes them to be jam-prone.. can someone confirm or deny this for me? I'm thinking of offering a S&W model ten revolver in trade, and possibly some cash, if the Saga is in good condition. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks, Kevin
  9. A friend of mine is going to Russia in July but, she's an anti-gun hippie so she won't pick up any for me. They aren't illegal to import, are they?
  10. In a home defense situation, .410 slugs like barnaul and brenneke will severely overpenetrate, IMO. I like the Saiga 410 but can't decide between it and a pump gun in 12 or 2o. Birdshot can be nasty at close range and wont penetrate much past that. But does the .410 shotshell pack enough birdshot to be effective? IE will it leave the "bloody rat hole" that a 20 or 12ga birdshot load would leave?
  11. Legalities aside, will those pistol grips that I see for Saiga rifles (I'd assume they're for the rifles) also fit the shotguns? I'm talking about the ones that just replace the buttstock and require no monkeying with the receiver. I noticed they were out of stock on the e-store. Can a moderator tell me if they'll be back anytime soon?
  12. I'd like to fit a Saiga .410 carbine with an AK-type pistol grip and buttstock someday. How hard is it to move the trigger group forward, etc? What tools are needed? TIA.
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