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  1. Mr. Mike! Congratulations on the success of the Grand Opening Vepr 12 Magazine sale, and again high-fives are extended to you for taking on this important project. Sadly I was unable to successfully navigate the queue yesterday eve and am wondering if you will be providing advance email notification for those who previously registered when the next batch are scheduled to go hot on the website. I'm also wondering if the current youtube vids on fitting the S-12 version of the steel mag demonstrates the same exact filing process that will apply to the V-12 version.
  2. I sensed a remarkable level of lube potential on first drop compared to what I've perceived with Weapon Shield CLP and Grease which I've used most often over the last few years for running AR's, an AR57 pistol, a FN Five-seven pistol, SIG 226 pistol and a Bersa mouse gun on the wet side down here in uber humid but relatively clean air down here in south Louisiana. I clearly hear the community's advice about running the Saiga and Vepr far to the dry side but am also uncertain about whether there really is a predictable downside to leaving a thin film of lubes like Broken Arrow or Weapon Shi
  3. Cobra's Custom included a complementary bottle of Tromix Broken Arrow Break-in Lube when they returned my reprofiled and polished V-12 BCG and fire control group. After a brief subjective finger tip comparison to other lubricants I have on hand, I was so impressed that I immediately ordered a second unit of Broken Arrow from you to have on hand as a back-up. I wonder if I could impose on you to share whatever feedback you may have received from your customers either here or in the thread I just initiating asking for opinions in the Saiga-12 Forum at http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/9
  4. Cobra's Custom was kind enough to included a complementary unit of Tromix Broken Arrow Break-in Lube in the return package with my superbly reprofiled and polished Vepr-12 BCG and fire control group. I've never used Broken Arrow Lube lube before but a subjective finger-tip test suggested a relatively high lubricity index compared to other several lubricants that I have on hand. Very little specific information was found searching the web for reviews and comparisons of Broken Arrow Lube to other products. I'd appreciate comparative comments concerning Broken Arrow's relative efficacy from a
  5. Outgunned, probably not so often but I 'suppose that depends on how long the fight would go on. I don't carry it but my GP100 is a rock solid brick and has always gone bang when directed. The GP'sy came into this world blue, but I had a mental lapse leaving her too long in a soft Ruger rug in a closet in a closed and humid building after Katrina had her way with us. When I unzipped the rug she was covered with a fine patina of orange corrosion - fully functional but ugly as sin. George Roghaar in Boca Raton at Roghaar Firearm Refinishing & Restoration did a bang up job of
  6. Amen, brother! As a novice to AK platform, I was more than a little pinned by the vitriol that I perceived in some of the first posts I ran across when searching for resources to aid in taming this new V-12 beast which has completely captured my interest. It is with a great sense of appreciation and relief that I hear the way that you are managing your playing field. I for one will listen to anything about using and advancing the platform that you would be kind enough to share. Is this the thread that you referred to for further discussion on the services you offer, or is there a better pl
  7. I was referring specifically to the jack screws - being concerned that the rail might get hammered hard enough for blue to loosen enough to effect the performance of an optical or laser device. Seems unlikely that the lower handguard would ever need to be removed but when I was installing it the thought crossed my mind that the lower rail could be removable even if the screws were installed with red loctite. Am curious to see what Cameron recommends.
  8. Tightening the jack screws on the bottom lock everything up nice and tight! I see some mentioning of putting material between the set screws and barrel, I don't recommend this, as you want the set screws to bite the barrel a little so they lock in there. I've heard rumors that these battle axes wear their "battle badges" proudly. The Chaos Quad Rail installed on this Com-Bloc noob's Vepr-12 with no notable problems whatsoever, and she hasn't even come close to breaking her maiden yet. Concerning the jack screws, what say you about Loctite? Red or blue?
  9. st381, please provide more detail on exactly where and how you applied electrical tape to the "ends of the quad rail to add stability to your installation. The set screws to appear to have taken the "manual" play out of my installation but I likewise am going to have a go at a forward grip when I get this beast out to the range. If the tape is a clean application and if it complements the effect of the set screws I'll probably try it also.
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