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  1. This is a much better way to explain it! Thank you. This is a much better way to explain it! Thank you.
  2. Good luck on the job brother. 15 years under my belt, I've had some good times and still do, but had a nut bag mutt try to rip my eyes outta my face also.( Long story that I wont discuss). So remember don't let your guard down shit can and does go south in a heartbeat!!! Another biggie...leave your feelings at the gate...both ways. Don't bring your home to work and your work home!!! Also remember..you don't know shit...so listen to what others tell you and never say its not my job. You are a new jack, do what is told of you and ask questions if you don't know or are unsure. The dumbest questio
  3. Hey tool...I think CS is a touch different that skunk piss...One comes off with Dawn and the other Tomato juice. Been hit with both (CS multiple..Skunk once)and the CS comes off alot easier but burns waaaay more!
  4. Looks good. How many coats of stain and oil?? I have an old black stock set that I think I'll use as a test piece after I strip and sand it. I see you have the same pistol grip. Was you FCG and piston changed out to a Tapco for the 922 BS?
  5. Looks like range day to me...lmao. Seen something like that when I was at the Gunk.
  6. That's like a hand crafted wood dash inside of a Rolls Royce. Just a great finishing touch to an awesome piece. I also have to comment on your prowess with taking pictures. The quality is exceptional!
  7. Yep you are right. Got thinking about my post at work while looking over some AK info and it dawned on me.....I posted it as a Yugo because I had been doing some homework on my Yugo SKS. Blonde moment!
  8. Well seeing as since I have a Saiga 223 and am dying to convert it, I couldn't pass up the price and opportunity to pick this one up. Was returned to the dealer in the same shape as he sold it to the guy 12 years ago. Only a little fouling on the piston and that's it. Lucky if he put 50 down range with it. Its a 1978 and was lightly neutered during the first round of 922r compliance BS. Luckily it still takes the double stack mag and with the compliance laws the original trigger group has been removed and a Tapco G2 trigger was installed as well as a Tapco piston. Gonna start looking for some
  9. Wife thinks I'm nuts sitting here laughing at humor about rifles....sad but true...I am nuts. Great little comparison. Won't see that in the American Rifleman mag.
  10. Ok. So i understand that they me be some sort of mag loader thingydooohickymacallit or....... scrap metal. Any ideas as to what country of origin and to what caliber it may or may not be attached to....50BMG i believe would be ruled out in the prelims. Thanks again folks...the knowledge is breathtaking in here!
  11. Purchased an AK/SKS parts lot and these came with it. Not sure where they fit into the scheme of these type rifles so I figured with the wealth of knowledge here someone could figure it out. Thanks in advance!!
  12. It sounds more like you have a house that is wired like mine. Early 1900's updated in the 70's. Balloon construction. Does any of your power outlets use the speed connectors in the back of the receptacle or do they use the actual screw terminals. The speed plugs in the back have a tendency to work loose over time if you where to walk into a room the foot vibration would cause lights to flicker. Now if you have your lines run in series ( one followed right after the other ie: daisy chained)and one of the receptacles come loose it could affect outlets and fixtures in other rooms. Usually rooms h
  13. Never heard that one Yeoldetool..sleestack... I like it. Land of the lost! Most of the ones I know I wouldn't put on screen...never know what rock IG be hiding under,,lol
  14. Nope.....you are all wrong!!! It's the trailer for Andrew Cuomo's presidential run!!
  15. My eldest sending a few down range with my Saiga .223. He was getting real bored shooting his grandfathers Remington 514 .22 as he kept getting pegged with my .223 brass. He loves to shoot!
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