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  1. Going to shoot some 00 buck shot this week,which choke should I use.
  2. Thanks Jim.Just wanted to make sure.
  3. Is this thing on.....TAP TAP.
  4. I picked up a new ruger ar 556- and was thinking about takeing the magpul ubr butt stock off the mka and putting it on the ar.So then id need a new butt stock on the mka,how do the magpul ctr seem to be holding up on the mka ?
  5. So how did you get it to fit mka rail? What do you mean? It was a tight fit but it fits fine. You do have to give the QD lever a little muscle to close it, but it's not going ANYWHERE. Mine had a crappy nut that would pull off threads when you tried to clamp down......a new nut fixed that and it fits fine now.
  6. Update....sight came with a soft or wrong size nut that would pull off when clamped down.Gunsmith just put a harder nut on scope and that took care of it.
  7. So how did you get it to fit mka rail?
  8. I guess clamp down style wont work well on the mka rail.
  9. Arent these rails standard size,I bought a quick release red dot and it wont clamp down on mka rail.But it will clamp on the fire bird rail.I did adjust it but when you try to clamp mka rail the nut pulls off lever when you try to clamp it down.Any tips / ideas its a sightmark ultra shot pro spec.
  10. So with this longer choke and a full length FB hand guard (I want as much barrel coverd as possible) what length shroud would I need.
  11. So how is this working out. It's been working out great. Probably has 400 rounds through it mix of bird, slugs, and buckshot. I really like it. Sorry for the late reply haven't been on the forum in a while. Thanks,just ordered one.
  12. FB took care of the small issues I had........Great people.
  13. I didn't mind the kick,just hard to keep on target on rapid fire.
  14. How's the limb saver,just put one on the magpul ubr but haven't tried it yet.
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