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  1. Mach1Arsenal on gun broker.com as of this moment has a few at $999.last of the folding stocks in the states being sold right now.
  2. Just saying. I got my call from DOJ on her own. She had my parts with my info on a oiece of paper. She stressed that complaints need to be filed. So i did. It took about 2 weeks for me to get my confirmation saying they have reconised my Complaint. Same as what everyone else is saying.
  3. Checking in on the" THINGS APPEAR TO BE WORKING OUT"thread. It now appears it is not. Glad to see the thread open. Its been over a year. I have left messages and emails about every 2 months consistently to Pauly just requesting to get parts back. There has never been a reply. Im still waiting and just making my presents known.
  4. I would take the loss and throw a few more bucks in to get my parts back. Pauly has not responded to me so I'm no help there.
  5. This is the start of a list for people who have mailed in there parts to Pauly for Fabrication. Please list your last 3 digits of your guns id, what was being done and date you have sent in your parts. There was a workshop thread list before Pauly dropped off the grid. There are also many people who have sent in parts and were never on that workshop thread. So this list is for EVERYONE who have not received their parts back. This list is so everyone can actually find out how many people are out there missing very important pieces to their firearm. I hope that maybe in some way if thi
  6. I bought it from Atlantic Firearms had it shipped in to Berts Hunting Supplies in Hudson. Are the people at Ft. Hofstetler good people? If so I will have to check them out in the future. Brooksville is around the way.
  7. I actually bought another Saiga 12. I am only 4 months into waiting for my parts back. My parts never made it on Pauly's list. I was thinking of starting a topic for people who's names are not on the list. So what I have been reading is he is catching up but no one is posting that they actually have gotten their parts back? So has anyone heard from Pauly in December? I'm just looking for some hope to hold on to. Thanks guys
  8. DKX makes some Super light Plates that can take a AK shot. Fairly priced. They weigh around 3 pounds a plate. I'm saving up for them for my RIG. I was looking for protection and being mobile. Some RIGS with level 3 can weigh over 50 pounds loaded. I want to be half of that. The level II plates weight 18 oz. There is some good stuff on You tube about the DKX plates. My vest is a Condor quick release plate carrier. I hope I can help
  9. Oh boy. What else can I say. Its been a bumpy road and I'm only 3 months into the wait.
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