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  1. Damn right. FAN is good people. I'm spending more time there than I thought I would, but I'm not complaining.
  2. Who would have guessed, socialists and commies in Moscow?
  3. Sounds like fun! I just registered and started my nation... going well so far. I registered on the FAN board. How do I let them know I was referred on Saiga12.com by you? I am awaiting an administrator to review the request...
  4. See, he would have been much safer if he just shot them out of a gun instead. Guns do save lives!
  5. How much does the sidewinder kit usually go for? I'm interested, but it seems steep.
  6. Alright yous guys, they called heros. Goes fine with soda. Mischief night is when ya go out TP'ing (not 'papering'). Make sure ya bring ya sneakers. Wattuh comes out the faucet. I rummage through for stuff after packing my vacation bags. That's a wicked big barrel of earl (oil). 3% Dixie. Need help digging out of the snow?
  7. No, it's not fine. We shouldn't have to go for the head. It is our God-given right to shoot for the chest. Seriously, this is too wide-open for interpretation by some ignorant or ill-minded schmuck. I think this ranks as one of the Top Five Worst Gun Laws of May 2007. Maybe even of all 2007. On the other hand, it is much easier to hide/bury illegal ammunition than an illegal rifle/shotgun.
  8. I took NO metal off. Only the exterior paint, a miniscule layer. Also, the areas that I worked on have no significant impact on the function of the rifle. I touched no part of the carrier that comes in contact with the reciever, nowhere near the underside of the carrier, and no part of the gas piston. Everything that was polished pretty much stands alone. Rust may be an issue here with the salty, humid air of Florida. How would a thin coat of petroleum jelly or mineral oil work? Maybe a clearcoat?
  9. Wise decision. Especially considering what happened not too long ago...
  10. Done. Took less than an hour thanks to my dremel and a couple of attachments.
  11. At the Palmetto, FL, Suncoast gunshow there was one 107 and one 109. They were $469 and $499, respectively. No others. I had the intent of selling my Mossberg 590 towards a S-12, but after talking to several individuals, I decided to keep what I have. I actually bought a Surefire light, mount and pressure switch for it. Didn't look at the S-20s.
  12. Bea - u - t - ful ! Nice pics. I hope you got 'em all! And hopefully that stuff does not leave a stain.
  13. Can I just use an aircraft-grade stripper?
  14. How much did that run you, dinzag? Er, or what did you trade him for it?
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