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  1. What amperage and type of wire would you use to do that (Carbon steel wire)? Also do you cut the plugs at an angle because the ports are drilled at an angle? What type of metal is a typical barrel made of (Carbon steel?), is it lined? Any other words of wisdom or pics of your setup?
  2. Aw man, where did all the pics go?
  3. 1.) What is the overall length of that build? 2.) Also, does it have a 19" barrel? 3.) What length barrel SBS conversion would be close to the overall length of this build (12" barrel??)? Why I ask...because I am considering building either one of these or an SBS. I want a small S12 that can cycle wal-mart garbage so I was initially thinking an SBS...until I saw this. With the SBS comes a lot of tinkering by itself in addition to getting it to cycle junk ammo (fun) and paperwork (not fun). I feel that this would be cake compared to the endeavor of doing an SBS (which would still
  4. That 6 incher looks like that Showtime gun wit Deniro haha
  5. Thanks man, il post some pics/ vids wen im dun. Sttill in the prelim research stage.
  6. Affirmative. Would machining the new locations OD to fit the ID of the gas block make it a lil loose, cause it requires a pounding to get off (like my gf, jk). Should i match the OD of the barrels new location to that of the old location were gas block used to be. In other words, matching the barrels OD from old to new, rather than the barrels OD to the ID of the block? Also, when your weldn up them ports, do you get any drip down in the inside of the barrel, is the inside surface of those welds smooth, or does it not matter much?
  7. Im about to do a 12" then 8" SBS saiga 12. I know the sizes i need to shorten/ move back my gas tube. My qustion is, how do you recontour/ taper the barrel so the gas block fits. If anyone has a few pics it would be greatfully appreciated.
  8. Awsome instructions. Have you happened to post that 8" build as you briefly mentioned.
  9. I have done about 15 (give or take) 12"-12.5" SBS's for friends (at no charge) back in the day (2005?). I think I might have sold one gun....the rest were done for free. I originally did 5-ports (enlarged) and then went to (smaller) 6-ports later on. I don't remember the port-diameters. I made some adjustable regulators, but later on just started modifying the factor regulators by dremeling several rounded notches in them, around the diameter. I would run the regulator wide open on low brass. Never had any cycling issues. With polishing internals, throating bbl, etc....they all ra
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