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  1. I match the ID of the gas block to the finished OD of the barrel plus .0005  just tight enough that I can drill the new pin locations and the gas block will not move.  Almost, but not quite tight enough that I can take it off by hand.  Still needs a light press fit for seal.


    Whenever you weld up a barrel or receivers you need to use a backer or a plug.  I have machined my own rods/plugs to go inside the barrel (slip fit) when I weld  and plates that I vise grip onto the receivers when they are welded.  I use bronze for my backers as it is a dissimilar materiel and has better longevity than other backers.



    What amperage and type of wire would you use to do that (Carbon steel wire)?  

    Also do you cut the plugs at an angle because the ports are drilled at an angle?

    What type of metal is a typical barrel made of (Carbon steel?), is it lined?


    Any other words of wisdom or pics of your setup?

  2. 1.) What is the overall length of that build?


    2.) Also, does it have a 19" barrel?


    3.) What length barrel SBS conversion would be close to the overall length of this build (12" barrel??)?


    Why I ask...because I am considering building either one of these or an SBS.  I want a small S12 that can cycle wal-mart garbage so I was initially thinking an SBS...until I saw this. With the SBS comes a lot of tinkering by itself in addition to getting it to cycle junk ammo (fun) and paperwork (not fun).  I feel that this would be cake compared to the endeavor of doing an SBS (which would still be worth while, not knocking them by any means).  


    Any assistance in this matter would be gratefully appreciated.

  3. Affirmative. Would machining the new locations OD to fit the ID of the gas block make it a lil loose, cause it requires a pounding to get off (like my gf, jk). Should i match the OD of the barrels new location to that of the old location were gas block used to be. In other words, matching the barrels OD from old to new, rather than the barrels OD to the ID of the block?

    Also, when your weldn up them ports, do you get any drip down in the inside of the barrel, is the inside surface of those welds smooth, or does it not matter much?


    I want to SBS my S12 to 11.5 inches BUT I dont want to move the gas block. Its not because I dont think ...I shoot the hell out of the Wallyworld cheap stuff including the Winchester value pack and I want to continue to do so


    Is there anyone with an SBS that short with the stock gas block that is still able to shoot whatever loads he wants that could throw some info/advice my way?

    I have done about 15 (give or take) 12"-12.5" SBS's for friends (at no charge) back in the day (2005?). I think I might have sold one gun....the rest were done for free.


    I originally did 5-ports (enlarged) and then went to (smaller) 6-ports later on. I don't remember the port-diameters.

    I made some adjustable regulators, but later on just started modifying the factor regulators by dremeling several rounded notches in them, around the diameter. I would run the regulator wide open on low brass. Never had any cycling issues.


    With polishing internals, throating bbl, etc....they all ran 100% on Federal-bulk and close to 100% on Winchester-bulk.




    Early 5-ports (went to 6 smaller ports later on...


  5. SPAS-15 is correct. Custom job done by Tone for JeauxE.


    Here's some velocity stuff...interesting



    OK so I finally took most of the shotguns out for a spin on the old Chronograph. What I found is that, basically, those of you chuckleheads with no empirical data who have been yapping your cockholsters about how short barrels on shotguns seriously affect ballistics are fucking wrong. Lots of wrong. Like I said long ago, shotgun powder IS pistol powder- it burns fast and quick, and barrel length doesn't fucking matter that much.


    I can't .PDF a spreadsheet on this computer so I'll get really slow and dumb like those who talk out their ass about ballistics with no basis in reality and list the average FPS for the shot strings.


    First, using shitass birdshot- 12 gauge, 2 3/4 inches, 1 oz shot

    12" barrel average FPS- 1040

    14" barrel average FPS- 1069

    18" barrel average FPS- 1114

    19.5" barrel average FPS- 1114

    20" barrel average FPS- 1108

    28" barrel average FPS- 1159


    Then using Remington 00 Buck-

    12" barrel average FPS- 1121

    14" barrel average FPS- 1127

    18" barrel average FPS- 1216

    19.5" barrel average FPS- 1205

    20" barrel average FPS- 1182

    28" barrel average FPS- 1250


    Wow- 119-129 FPS velocity loss in 16 inches of barrel. That's devastating. Oh wait- no, it's actually not, it's fucking nothing at all and is actually about the same velocity variation in factory loaded ammo. I will feel as comfortable fucking up a bear using a shotgun with a 12 inch barrel as I would using one with a 28 inch barrel. Those of you clammering over 20 gauge Serbu Super Shortys rather than the biting sting of a 12 gauge to dust up a gravel pit should stick with the shortest of shotshells. I wouldn't want you to drop your purse while shooting.


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