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  1. Cameron, If the firearm has known issues that would require professional (gunsmith) installation of your product to ensure compatibility then that should have been indicated on paperwork that comes with the product (there was none) or should be indicated on the resellers website (I purchased from CSS who only suggested there would be “fitting” required). The only reason I undertook such a project was because the guidance I received from all the manufacturers and the reseller (official videos, website docs) never once indicated that I would be dealing with any of these problems. I agree wi
  2. Well, that's not good because I already had the barrel and receiver cerakoted. Looks like I am out 300 bucks for the rail/sights or another 100 for a cerakote job to put another rail on (but have no sights as I already permanently removed them). Also, I am now deployed overseas so I can't do anything about it for a few months. The gun is straight and certainly not a vodka special. Is there nothing I can do to adjust this rail? Look at the pics from the front as we haven't even touched on that yet. Not only is it high in the back but it is crooked to the left. This is frustrating, f
  3. What am I supposed to do now? Am I stuck with a crooked rail? The gun was permanently modified to accept this rail.
  4. That seems to have fixed the problem for now. Why don't you just manufacture it that way? A little background info: This was a fully functioning un-converted S12 that functioned very well prior to conversion. I put about 50 rounds through it before the conversion with no FTE even on low brass. New problems after putting 25 rounds through the gun post-conversion: The axis retaining plate is very sloppy. It does not stay fully in place or "locked down" on the rear (trigger) pin. The JTE spring I purchased and installed is not striking the firing pin hard enough to fire the primer. (rounds
  5. Yes rear sight has been ground off smooth. The rear portion of the rail is not resting on anything. There is a nice gap.
  6. The rail is not parallel to the barrel and is sitting high on the rear. It is not resting on anything. It seems the "key" that attaches to the receiver "gap" under the barrel is what is holding the rail in the elevated position. Is there any way to adujst it down? Also, is there any way to adjust the front sight problem near the gas block so I can sight this gun in?
  7. Ok thanks, I'll give that a shot.
  8. Greetings, I recently performed a CSS conversion on my stock Saiga 12 utilizing the TAPCO trigger group, CSS modified bolt hold open and spring, upgraded hmmer spring, and the "universal" axis retaining plate. Post conversion the BHO spring randomly slips off the notch by just cycling the action, firing, or resting in the gun case. Sometimes it never happens at all, even when firing. Then it will randomly pop off while the gun is just being manipulated. Any tips?
  9. I bought the rail from CSS new. The front rail has only one position with no adjustments. There is a key on the aft lower part of the rail that sticks into the front of the lower receiver. It only came with one size key. The front of the rail bolts to the bottom of the gas block where it wraps around the barrel. No adjustments there either.
  10. The set screws are set with the rail level in the picture. If I back them down the extended portion rail will not be level with the front portion. It will be lower. Honestly, I am not sure what is right a this point. The front is canted and the back is hiked up too high and it looks silly. Did I miss an adjustment somewhere?
  11. Hello all, I'm having some difficulty getting my Chaos Titan Rail to line up and sight in on my Saiga 12. I performed a CSS conversion and added the rail for function and some cosmetic appeal. However, the rail mounts crooked on the firearm and there seems to be no way to adjust it so the gun can be sighted in (I am aware that the rear HK sight can move, but I want that for fine adjustment only). Reference the attached pic to see what is going on: Also, to get the elevation correct, I am finding that have to take quite a bit of material off of the tang on the back of the rail extension.
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