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  1. It's already done, the back plate comes off with 2 pins and he has a no stock plate that attaches in it's place. Should be available same time as the regular guns. Doug Damn you.
  2. There ya go. But I can't afford any more "cheap" lowers. My 3 $39 Anderson lowers each turned into $2,000+ rifle builds.
  3. If you make a "firearm" version with a 10" barrel and no stock I don't think I'll be able to resist.
  4. When it comes to building an AR the knowledge is readily available for free if you want it. There is more to a reliable build than many realize but anybody with basic mechanical skills can do it well if they put in the effort. I haven't done an 80% and probably wouldn't without a mill. Otherwise too tedious and the resusulting receiver wouldn't be as nice as the $39 Anderson receivers I've used.
  5. Anderson lowers go on sale for $39 from time to time. Impossible to beat that economically.
  6. Right now you can get 1,000 rounds of M193 in 200rd sealed sleeves packed in an ammo can from SGAmmo for $279.90 + $18. Yeah I ordered one. Thought real hard about two.
  7. You are in the minority. But even with a 20" M855 is not optimum. Past 200 yards the velocity falls off and the bullet has the same ice picking problems. I absolutely hate the round. I would never trust my life to it. If it was the only 5.56 ammo I could get I'd sell all my 5.56 guns. And I will steer as many people away from it as I can.
  8. Yeah a quick look at the chart shows 10.7 sits at a sweet spot with around 30% atmospheric attenuation. That's probably acceptable loss.
  9. I was looking at these numbers again for a range trip today and I realized that I was a bit unclear about the bullet drop numbers. The bullet drop is in MOA, not inches. So MOA times range in hundreds of yards gives the actual difference in inches. Here is a more complete table.
  10. 40gr varmit loads will be nasty but the wound is going to be shallow. Remember they are intended to blow up prairie dogs. 40gr loads also may or may not reliably cycle a 10" gun. The dwell time is already very short. The ultra-light bullet is just going to make that worse. For varmit type rounds a 55gr would have a better chance of devestating expansion while also penetrating to vitals. I like the Hornady 55gr VMAX for this type of round but others are probably just as good. My preference for a pistol/sbr is still the MK262. It's gtg from my sbr, my 14.5, my 16, my 18... It may be a bit more prone to overpenetration but I'm willing to accept that in my situation. I have seen some impressive tests of the 50gr TSX from a short barrel. But being barrier blind it doesn't break up when it hits walls.
  11. Most people expect a handgun to be either black or stainless. If it's not one of those colors, a bad guy may take a second to realize the thing in your hand is a gun. For that reason a FDE carry gun might be a good choice. Or... Maybe I'm just overthinking it.
  12. IR laser from orbit? Nah. Too much attenuation in the atmosphere at IR wavelengths. There are wavelengths that zip through the atmosphere with no problem. Just sayin.
  13. AR trash rifle meme is just 855 will do a great job....from the 20" barrel it was intended for. Mall ninja M4's don't have it! M193 from a 20" will leave your lungs on the other side of your body at HD ranges. Since almost nobody has a 20" AR I call M855 junk as a defensive round. M193 is orders of magnitude superior if you're going to use fmj. It performs well from a 16" barrel (vast majority of ARs) at defensive ranges. Of course there are even more effective rounds out there. I am a fan of the MK262. That's what's loaded in my "crap rifle" "mall ninja" 16" AR sitting beside me right now. I do have a bunch of mags loaded with M193 in case, well, you know... zombies. I'd love to get my hands on some M855A1. It's effictiveness on armored and unarmored targets is nothing short of amazing. But I can't justify $3 a round on the gray market.
  14. We'll never know the total. Some will be burried too deep to find. And I hope, really hope, that some are still trapped down there, slowly suffocating and dying of thirst.
  15. You've obviously been believing the internet again. Listening to the keyboard commandos who say that the AR is a "poodle shooter". Listening to the "real men" who claim that nothing less than 30 caliber can ever be a fighting cartridge. Think for yourself. Separate fact from opinion and reject the me-too mentality. Stop trying to sound like you know something, and actually try to learn something. Fact: Any firearm can be lethal. Thousands of people have been killed with 22lr. Even from a rifle barrel 22lr has barely over 100 ft/lb of energy. Thousands of people have been killed with 9mm. Normal 9mm ammunition has ~400 ft/lb of energy. 45ACP+P has only ~500 ft/lb. Even the monster 44mag has less than 1000 ft/lb for common loadings. Fact: The most common AR ammunition has 1,200 ft/lb of energy inside 10 yards. Unless you make a very stupid ammo choice (like M855), the bullet will yaw/expand/fragment and will dump that energy in the target. That's going to be lethal for almost any torso/head hit.
  16. Oh look, the special snowflakes on the left don't like the fact that Fox News celebrated the use of our biggest bomb against terrorists with patriotic music. It hurts their delicate sensibilities that America still has the ability and the will to kil our enemies. But of course the left hates America as much as the camel fuckers do. Hey, watching the lefties heads explode just makes it even better. So Fuck You liberals. https://www.yahoo.com/news/fox-friends-uses-toby-keith-soundtrack-mother-bombs-explosion-153854051.html
  17. Obviously we don't know the details, but here's how it should have been done: At 1:30AM local time an AC-130 arrives over the tunnel complex, orbitting above the range of shoulder-fired missiles, with a kill box covering every exit. Make the call warning the surrounding villages that they have one hour to evacuate before the MOAB is dropped. Call weapons free for the AC-130 on anything that moves in the kill box. Tell the crew they are to expend all ordnance. Nothing as big as a gnat is allowed to escape. At 2:25AM local time AC-130 exits the airspace over the target. At 2:30AM local the MOAB detonates.
  18. Allah better get a bunch of virgins ready cause the towel heads just had a very bad day.
  19. I just got the email from Jane that the forum was back online. I had about given up on it.
  20. WTF??? Is the site gone for good?

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      I'm not aware of anything like this happening before, not for this long.

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      Now the Logo is gone??

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      I was wondering that myself.

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  21. According to the latest reports the "getaway driver" was actually the mastermind of the gang. She told the boys to rob the house. That makes the murder charges a lot more serious.
  22. I tried loading a couple of the mags and found both would bind at 19. Careful pressure straight down could get the 20th round in but it took finesse. I took the mags apart and found the follower skirts slightly bent inward, and was hitting the spring base. After bending them out slightly the mags load to 20 as they should. Fixed
  23. I just got the 6 Korean 20 rounders I ordered from CDNN. All are new in packaging. All have rust. Just a head's up in case any of you are tempted by the $7 price as I was. I'm not getting bent over this. As long as they work. Besides the rust they will barely lock into some of my AKs. I will have to give them a couple of swipes with a file to get them to fit properly. Again, I knew I was buying Korean mags so I can live with that. Better than too loose like the Bulgarian 40 rounders I bought a while back.
  24. He murdered those poor oppressed undocumented houseguests in cold blood!
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