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  1. Let me know how you like that adapter. Been eyeballing it for a year but haven't purchased one yet It's not the most attractive option imo but it is the easiest way to mount a folding brace. It puts the Shockwave at a slight upward angle which looks a bit odd but it feels good. The hinge mechanism function was kindof gritty out of the box but a little teflon lube and a few dozen cycles smoothed it out. I'm undecided if I'll leave it as is or drill and tap the trunion for a more permanent (and more asthetic) solution.
  2. Review is expected. I have picked up a few things lately. USMachinegun folding adapter for the Draco to mount the Shockwave. 6 20rd Korean AK mags with park finish from CDNN for $6.99 each. 240rds of 77gr 5.56 Razor Core from SGA. I've been wanting to try this ammo to see it's "for real" long range accuracy.
  3. Remington has layoffs, partly due to the slowdown but partly due to their shitty products. More gun industry companies will fall before this gets better. Maybe we should have all voted for hitlery to keep the gun industry strong... I'm seeing some great deals out there now but I'm waiting because I predict there will be ridiculous deals coming.
  4. XD45

    camo bushy

    From the album: DS misc

    Bushmaster Carbon 15 painted with rust-oleum camo paint using the sponge method.
  5. I have fired 2 cases recent production GT through 4 different guns with no problems. Not saying the problems aren't real, just that I have not experienced any. I would have continued buying GT but I've been buying 8M3 instead for the stash.
  6. Still in stock. Evidently the internet herd has decided GT is no longer to be trusted. I only use 7.62x39 GT but that has been flawless for me.
  7. Some Chinese copies have been damn good. Just not recently.
  8. Yes I do believe she is ready. She is more ready than most of us. And her husband is even more ready than she is. A gunfight isn't a contest to see who can change mags faster. The fight will be over before he needs to change mags. Never underestimate your enemy. Odds are that you can change mags faster than him. Odds are that you can clear a malf faster than him. Odds are that you are in every way more proficient than him with a firearm. None of that matters if he shoots you before you even know there is a threat. This piece of shit is just an example of what's out there. Take it seriously or don't.
  9. Are you ready for this upstanding gentleman?
  10. Not a spoof. A scam. It's a pretty good one actually. Obama supporters are stupid and gullible. The page promises nothing. Simply shows a photoshop of buttfuckers face on rushmore and asks for donations. I wish I'd thought of it.
  11. Well that's a helluva thing. From what I can see in the pictures of the case it doesn't look like the primer shows any pressure signs. It's not cratered or flattened or blown out. It does look like the bolt opened early. If it had fired out of battery I would have expected more damage. OTOH this is a pistol cartridge and there is less energy so I may be misunderestimating... The Storm has a sear disconnect that prevents the striker from being released if the bolt is not in battery. If the gun goes back together be sure to check that.
  12. But they always have a closet full of participation trophies to show just how special they are.
  13. And the real "cause" behind this... Support this Cause! Paypal your donation to: Take_My_Money_Im_A_Weak_Minded_Idiot@Obama_Rushmore.org
  14. I don't usually love a song the first time I hear it. It happens but it's rare. Sad But True is one I instantly loved. But if I think a song is "pretty good" the first time I hear it I will often come to love it after hearing it a few more times. Most of the songs on Hardwired I've only heard once. But it was clear this album is better than the last 20 years of crap. I had put Metallica in the category of has-beens that just limp along making money off their old stuff and their old fans and would never do anything new that's not a joke. This album proves they still have the desire and ability to make something worthwhile. It's not Master of Puppets. (Nothing is MOP except MOP.) But it's not a joke.
  15. I'll be damned. Metallica made an album that doesn't suck. I haven't liked anything they've done since Black. But I like this one.
  16. Just received another case of 8M3 from SGA. Looking over my past orders from SGA I realize I've spent over $10k with Sam. 30k ish rounds of various calibers.
  17. Gun owners do spend a great deal of emotional energy attacking each other, and gun sellers, and gun makers...
  18. The Second American Civil War has been going on for some time. It's been mostly bloodless up to this point but the water is about to boil. Prepare. And I don't just mean stock up on prepper supplies. I mean prepare your mind and your heart. Remember: A gun is just a tool. You are the weapon.
  19. Well, unfortunately the point cost of the Harrier was increased to 700,000,000 Pepsi Points after a guy figured out that you could buy Pepsi Points for 10 cents each. Meaning he tried to buy 7,000,000 Pepsi Points for $700,000 and then claim the Harrier. It took several months of court battles before a judge finally ruled that Pepsi had not actually offered a Harrier and dismissed the case. Here is the revised commercial with the revised point cost.
  20. I demand answers! I demand to know why the governments of the world are falsely claiming the world is round! Why would they perpetrate this lie? Why do so many "scientists" claim gravity is real??? Why! Why!!! If we can get 700,000,000 Pepsi Points we can get a Harrier jet so we fly up to the dome and finally prove NASA is a big lie!!!
  21. Speaking of support, I decided to order another case of the 8M3 today. It's a tough time for vendors right now and I figured SGA could use the cash flow. Plus, you never know if this will be the last time we get 8M3, so another case put away for insurance.
  22. I bought one for my wife after I stole the AR I built her. She likes it more than the AR and her only complaints are that the grip is very fat and the 30rd mags are impossible for her to load past 20 even with a mag loader. I have to load for her which isn't a big deal. I put a PA microdot on it with a 1/2" spacer, which brings the dot to a good height but unfortunately no co-witness. She also likes the look of a barrel shroud so I put one on for her. Yeah, not a fan but she wanted it. I'm also not a huge fan of the trigger so I've considered replacing it with a Sierra Pappa.
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