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  1. I don't trust poly ARs. I'm not saying they can't be good, just that I don't trust them. Considering that you can get an Anderson lower for $39 if you wait for a sale (like AIM has right now), I'll stick with those. I have built 3 ARs on Anderson lowers and they go together perfect and work perfect. No reason to pay more unless you just want a name to impress your friends.
  2. First President Trump EOs a ban on travel from terrorist supporting countries. So I'm like, about time. Then a judge puts a "stay" on that order. So I'm like, no surprise. Now Customs agents are ignoring the judge's stay and enforcing the ban. So I'm like, Ahhh Shit. It's on now! http://nypost.com/2017/01/29/customs-agents-ignore-judge-enforce-trumps-travel-ban-aclu/
  3. Somebody was going to make a 7.62x39 "pistol" eventually. And when that happened the batfuckers were going to ban the steel core. Put the blame where it is due.
  4. Okay, if you get a military M4/16, are you really gonna cannibalize it or are you just gonna slap your upper on a full auto lower? Both! I'd take lowers till the stable is all select fire, then break the rest down for spares/barter materials. People have a hollywood/video game idea of what shtf is like. Full auto feels powerful, feels badass, but aimed fire is more effective and conserves ammo. The odds of being in a situation in shtf where full auto fire is needed are nearly zero.
  5. The why is simple. After the election the market contracted hard. Years of "urgent" buying has filled the majority of the demand for now and for some time to come. It was a sellers market for a long time with the greatest gun salesman in history sitting in the White House. Now he's gone and the market is "correcting". Expect more mergers, buyouts, and closures. It is simply the way of these things. OTOH, there will be fantastic deals in both the primary and secondary markets this year. So take advantage.
  6. For an off-the-shelf rifle on a budget, I highly recommend the Aero AC-15. Or for a little more money, the Aero M4E1. For the maximum enjoyment, build it yourself. Just do your research first to know you're buying good parts.
  7. I think President Trump should pardon her. Yes I'm serious. A pardon cannot be forced. It must be accepted, therefore admitting wrongdoing. If she accepts it she admits wrong. If she refuses it then she can still be prosecuted. Either way it makes a great political play for Trump. "But we can't let her off scott free!!!!" some of you will yell. She's never going to be prosecuted. She sure as hell isn't going to spend a day in jail. That's a fantasy that might make you feel good but it's better to live in the real world. Back to my original thought: President Trump, pardon Hillary!
  8. Can't use the military. Don't need to use the military. But force is justified, and force will be necessary to stop them. The truth is, force stops them all the time all over the country. Why do they not attack the evil white suburbs? The heart of their "enemy"? Because we are armed and we will fight back. When all targets are equally defended this shit will stop. If you are participating in a riot and holding a weapon you are justified to be shot.
  9. http://www.guns.com/2017/01/13/bill-calls-for-abolishment-of-atf/
  10. Happened again yesterday up the road from me. A dirtbag was shooting at cars in the I-10, caused a fatal crash, then ambushed a DPS trooper responding to the crash, shot him twice and was beating his head on the pavement when an armed citizen put him down.
  11. A combination of the instant market downturn after the election and the failures of their new American forged AK that they poured all their resources into is my guess. I know I was pretty hot to get one of the new forged AKs but my want soured when the extractor broke in Rob Ski's rifle, and then the replacement extractor broke too. Bad juju. OTOH, this may be a good thing. PSA and DDI working together may produce a genuinely good American AK.
  12. A brand new test. Be cool and go over to youtube and give the guy a like. We need to support channels like this.
  13. Prices on everything are starting to drop. The Trump Calm has arrived. Pretty soon it will be the manufacturers, distributors, and retailers that will be in panic. In the next few months we're going to see deals everywhere. Guns, ammo, accessories. I know some good companies are going to suffer but the pendulum has to swing.
  14. This is a 1-in-a-billion event. That somebody flies with a gun in a checked bag and then immediately takes that gun and starts shooting people as soon as he gets off the plane. The kind of thing you can't possibly predict, and can't realistically prevent without draconian measures way out of proportion with the likelihood of the crime you intend to prevent. But of course the reaction will be overreaction, as usual for any crime with a gun. Well, unless that crime is done by an oppressed victim of color... But that's another topic. My prediction: Every airline will have new policies by the end of the month. No more guns in checked bags. Which is stupid of course, because baggage claim is completely unsecure. Anybody can bring anything in to baggage claim. This will just affect hunters and competitive shooters who fly with guns. Anybody who wants to shoot up a baggage claim at the airport can simply bring a gun and a bunch of loaded mags in a suitcase to the airport and do their thing. Nothing unusual about people going to the airport with suitcases and nobody checking suitcases going in or out of baggage claim. But that's logic and the world runs off of lawyers and frightened sheep. As I write this the airline lawyers are writing the new rules. Count on it.
  15. I have some of the WMC I tested with no fragmentation. OTOH I have some older Wolf that is 8M3. Also a case of Tula 124 that is 8M3. And another case of Tula that is not. It's been a crap shoot.
  16. The real deal. I snagged a case. 8M3 I fired from a 10.5" M92 sbr into water jugs. Explosive fragmentation even from the short barrel. The largest fragment penetrated to the 4th jug. There is a great thread over at ackfiles where a guy did a chrono and ballistic gel test. These rounds are cooking over 2400fps and tore the shit out of the gel block. .
  17. From the album: DS misc

    The AR I built for my wife and then stole from her didn't let me down today. Drizzling rain and lots of mud and she ran like a trooper. I laid her down on some old wood to keep her out of the mud and used my gloves to keep the rain off the glass.
  18. There are 3 types of lies. Lies. Damn Lies. And Statistics. Looking only at numbers of EOs is grossly misleading. All executive orders are not equal. While you can find egregious EOs by Republicans, bho honed the EO power grab to a fine art. His latest is a perfect example. With a stroke of the pen he snatched 1.35 million acres for the federal government. And his pen is just getting warmed up.
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