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  1. I was reading that the LegionUSA shorter barrel VEPR 12s wont fire with the stock folded, Will the Mach 1 Arsenal - WPA VEPR 12s with the folders fire with the stock folded? Thanks
  2. Thanks, I will check tomorrow and see what I can get at Walmart for now. No, I am not use to a lot of shot gunning. two trips to the range today and ~80 rounds and my shoulder is pretty sore with some bruising starting to show up already. Gotta Love It Thanks for the advice Matt. I know I am probably just paranoid, but I noticed this mushrooming out on the lower left feed ramp lip (red circle), but nothing like it on the right side. Is that normal ? Thanks Again
  3. Why I was waiting to find some higher power shells I figured I would go out and cycle some more of what I had thru it. It actually started working better and for a while everything went fine and it would go thru a 5 round mag with no problems. I had about 6 mags thru it and it started doing the same thing again so I went home and disassembled it to clean it. Two things I noticed: There was a lot of aluminum shavings upon disassembly I could see the following wear on the upper, I remember seeing pictures of this previously in a forum but didnt know how much of an issue or had bad this is: I cleaned out all the shavings and lubed it real well and upon reassembly I couldnt get the Charging Handle to lock into the bolt. I pulled it back apart and noticed that the little spring loaded ball in the Bolt Carrier was stuck down. I inserted a push pin on the bottom side of it thru the hole and popped it up. I installed/removed the Charging Handle a few more times and each time it stuck down and had to be popped up. After about 3 times it seemed to stay up after I removed the charging handle ??? Should I be worried at this point?
  4. Thanks I am trying to see what I can find locally. Is there anything normally sold at Wally World that will work. I have to make a trip there tomorrow so figured I would check so I dont have to wait on mail order.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Didnt realize there was such a difference in the XN/pre-XN. Will pick-up some 1300fps or higher shells and go back at it. Thanks Again PS: some of the upgrade parts I purchased were Tooth & Nail, cant wait to get this broke in and do the upgrades.
  6. Long Time Reader & First Time Poster. I purchased my MKA early 2012 and got busy with other projects and finally got serious about doing something with it and ordered some 922r parts last month. I decided to take it out to the range today in factory condition after I disassembled, cleaned, lubed & reassembled it. I took care not to damage the Feed Ramp & inspected it since I remembered from all the reading about that issue. I used the High Brass I purchased last year specifically for MKA break-in (Winchester 2-3/4 1-1/4oz 1220 fps) with a factory 5 round mag. I shot about 50 rounds before I headed home as it appeared to not be improving as per the attached picture, I continually had Stovepipe/FTE issues. With 5 rounds in the mag it was guaranteed to FTE. Twice with 4 rounds in the mag it cycled all 4 rounds no problem. I tried 3 rounds and even 2 rounds and it was pretty much a FTE almost every round. I know I need to put some more rounds thru it, but since it didnt appear to be improving I figured I would ask for some ideas before I continue. Shouldnt the High Brass shells I selected by sufficient? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jesse
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