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  2. Damn, and here I was thinking I had an original idea the other night...then I found this thread! What kind of front sight post does the Micro Galil front sight base take? Uzi, AR, AK, or something else? I found one pic on the web that leads me to bleive it is an AK frotn sight post? Also...what are you using for a rear sight?
  3. Goddamn internet stalkers! I shoulda known with the voodoo you work on Saigas taht you woudl frequent this place! Thanks for the info WIll, been a heck of a last few weeks for the gun hobby. Got the SAR-3 back from you, finished an AR build, had to go buy a second gun locker as there wasn't enough room left in the first one LOL, and just got my Yugo RPK build finished- now I actually gotta go the range and try them all out!
  4. Can someone post the length of the Saiga-12 cleaning rod? I actually am looking for a replacement cleaning rod for my Yugo RPK (21" barrel, 7.62x39 caliber) and got tipped off by someone that the Saiga-12 rod might work. I know where to get one on the cheap so if it is about the right length and diameter I would just go that route. It mostly woudl be for appearance sake, or emergency use for knocking out a stuck casing and the like, and it helps keep the bipod secure when the bipod is folded. Thanks, Dawg
  5. I am not familiar with the mags you are referring to, but www.midwestarmory.com has Saiga compatible Galil style U.S. made forends for about $50 + 3.85 shipping. I have bought from there on several occasions and although it can take a little while for them to ship you will not find better prices anywhere. The guy who runs that site goes by "The Duke Ryan" on akforum.net and ar15.com and is a good guy.
  6. Could someone with a SAiga .223 in hand (hey, probably the right place to come, eh?) Take a measurement with a caliper of the Saiga .223 bolt stem? I am guessing it measures about .428" in diameter (i.e. a "large stem" style AK bolt) but need to confirm that. Also, does anyone have a source for spare Saiga parts such as bolts and the like? I swear I stumbled upon a website not too long ago, but of course I can't find it anymore... Thanks, Dawg
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