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  1. Thank you my Ohio friend!! You would think that in this "free" land of ours that you wouldn't have to be so afraid of the various regions with their varying laws that they consistently change to fit their unfounded fears and that you could go about this country as one free citizen....but not so and better to be safe than sorry!!! Going to be a good week coming up......
  2. Thanks '7.62m43'.....researched a little already similar to your suggestion but I guess I was just looking for some Ohio members to shout out and say they use the same mag setups and have had no issues with range masters or the like!? But I guess each range will be different of course....so I will take them with the internet info I have gathered and ask locally at the range before I unpack my weapons/mags to shoot! Wish I had some 5 rounders just in case but worst case scenario I will be loading single rounds and just honing in my sights! Thanks for the link though.....
  3. Was wondering if anyone has info for me on Ohio laws for magazine capacity for target shooting!? I am going there for work for a week and I am planning on taking my 7.62x39 and 12 guage Saigas and don't want to bring any mags for either gun that will get me into hot water!? I leave in the morning so I don't have time to scour the boards for any past post so sorry....just need to know if I can bring my 30 rounders for my 7.62 and my 10 rounders for my 12 to shoot with? Thanks for any help/info, much appreciated and looking forward to shooting my new S-12 for the first time! Been a f
  4. Finally got my Saiga 12 SGL 12-09 paid up and brought it home.
  5. Okay, gottcha on the leo, thanks for the info!
  6. Thanks for the info HPD....still not sure if I am going to keep it or not? Might just utilize it and throw a bunch of other Mad Max accessories and make this Saiga a bad mutha trucker!? I already got my purist/traditional Saiga 7.62 built, so now I think I will have some mad scientist fun with this one *cue the evil laugh*!
  7. Yeah, I am not a big fan of the 'mad max' front rail myself....a little overkill if you ask me but I guess from what I have read this is the LE version and that is why the dressed it up like that!? I just wonder if it is removable? I have other furniture (2 types of intrafuse hand guards and 1 galil style and an adjustable AR Tapco buttstock) from my 7.62 build that I would like to try out on it? Not sure how interchangable they are but I will hold off selling them until I see if I have a need for them I suppose! CANTA Wait!
  8. Thanks guys for the feedback....I thought it was a good deal based on gunbroker auction prices, which I know can be inflated, but I went for it anyway since it was about the same price as my un-converted 7.62 and figured it had to be a deal in the long run! And yes, I will check for 922r compliance....thanks for the heads up.....Saiga 12's are a new venture for me and I know I need to brush up on the inner workings and parts compliance vs. 7.62's! I am not shy now with one conversion under my belt, so if I need to do some compliance swapping work, that will be no big deal! After all once
  9. islandwise

    Pricing $?

    I would like some input on pricing for a Saiga 12 and what the going rate is so I don't get rooked! I just put money down on a factory converted pistol grip Saiga imported by FIME of Las Vegas. It comes with one 5rd mag and one 12rd drum for $649.00 This was an impulse buy and want to make sure I am doing the right thing and not wasting money? I pretty much completed my Saiga 7.62x39 conversion and got the bug to get one in 12g! It is already converted with the forward FCG and grip from factory so it won't be as much fun converting but I guess I can focus on accessories this tim
  10. Thanks, and now on to my next project! My local shop has a Saiga 12 already converted and comes with one banana clip and one drum for 649.00....should have grabbed it tonight but f'd up and didn't, brain dead after long day at work I guess?? If it is there when they open in the morning it is mine!! It has an Izhmash embossed pistol grip on it....does that mean it came pistol grip converted from the factory?? Damn I hope it is there in the morn....
  11. My 'Russian Redhead', Leathal Lolita [Converted Saiga 7.62x39]
  12. Thanks Captn'.....bit the bullet and dremmeled my front muzzle shroud off...but no threads! Was hopeful after finding pistol grip hole during conversion but oh well, 1 for 1 anyway! Sanded and repainted the end of the barrel so it wont look too goofy until I can get FSB or thread it, which is the way I am leaning now that the shroud is off! If any one knows of anyone still renting/loaning die/tat for 14x1LH I would really appreciate the heads up!?
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