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  1. I want to use the Saiga factory skeleton stock on my gun (works on unconverted Saiga) - so I can't use the Monsterman grip but thanks - the bullet button idea sounds good - the only one I was able to find only works on the AK (Trigger forward) configuration - anyone know of any other options? Seems like someone with mad skill (Dinzag) could mill out a small hunk of metal (like a thimble) that would slide over the mag release - it could attach by replacing the pin that holds the mag release lever - fit flush up against the gun with a small hole to permit the user to push a bullet tip (ak
  2. If you have an AR hang on to it. I have been building several for my guys here and I usually build with the DPMS receivers. I can usually build a chrome lined M-4 for about $700. Well since the anouncement of the new gun bill, there are no receivers to be found. Everyone has a waiting list for the quality ones and I refuse to build crap. If you got it keep it. Your $800.00 dollar (dealer price) rifle may soon get quite valuble (just like in the good ole gun ban days). The guys at AR.com have nice things to say about the Superior Arms Stripped Lowers - any feedback on those?
  3. I guess they did because I don't remember getting the shipping label (could be wrong though). I'm not slamming you but your email said you would take the defective one back and return a working one to me then you refunded my money and when I said I wanted the mag not the money you said I had to pay $3 more to cover your paypal fees (which I got charged on your $20 back to me BTW) - that's the truth. It's no big deal - so no reason to get upset - I like the five I got that worked (heck I dug out your email to refer markdam to you) and you didn't rip me off for the purchase price - but I didn
  4. Great thanks Outlaw - Bullet button method of making the mag fixed sounds really good to me - hope I can find one for the AK. Best. "Both the oligarch and Tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of arms." --Aristotle
  5. Thanks JK-47 - not familiar with a monsterman grip or any other legal pistol grip but would love to find out more - can you provide a link or ? Also, I have checked a little and it seems as you stated that if the mag requires a tool to remove it is considered fixed. If anyone knows of a mag release that would work on a Saiga that requires a tool please let me know. If we have any AK/AR crossover types here that can point me to the AR drop in part maybe I can one or point Dinzag to it and see if he can make something up???
  6. Hi fellas - I'm stuck in California (don't ask - someday I'll "escape") and I'd like to have some of the so called evil features (pistol grip or skeleton stock in particular) on my Saiga. I saw a thread on another board a few months ago (can't find it now) that talked about a method for fixing the magazine so that it complied with the definition of fixed magazine under the law (so you don't fall under the assault weapon definition) but was reversable (if I ever move or people here wake up and change the ridiculaous laws). Has anyone looked into doing this on a Saiga or have any other links f
  7. That one looks like a 1" tube. Given the way red dots work (both eyes open infinite relief) - is there any advantage to a larger tube (42mm or 50mm) vs. a smaller tube (1" or 30mm)?
  8. I'm going to put a red dot sight on a .223 - could use some input. Any suggestions as to size, type, brands (to seek and those to avoid) and the like appreciated. Is 30mm too small?
  9. I use these - they work well on mine. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ARR103-44883-2699.html
  10. Hey USMCM16A2 - How much is Ammo Bros charging for the .223 and .308?
  11. Anybody got any factory mags they want to sell? Let me know by PM or otherwise. Thanks.
  12. Anybody got any factory ten rounders that they want to sell? Let me know by PM or otherwise.
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