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  1. Is it easy to convert a s-20 if I've never done any gunsmithing at all except clean my firearms?
  2. Coasten

    S20 mags

    A link showing the wedge mod for the mag around here? Pictures would be great.
  3. I've tried 7 different oils and gun lubes.
  4. I might have my ports looked at, I can see all 3 but look a little small.
  5. Howmuch ammo have you shot thru it? I've been told it takes a few hundred and I've also been told to not lube or oil anything eveytime I go to the range so the metal can smooth itself out via better friction. Is rather try polishing it myself and save ammo.
  6. I've found that anything #6 shot or better will shot and ANYTHING with highbrass will shot. And what internal parts do I need to buy? I don't know is the reason I was going to just buy the parts kit.
  7. I've done minor gin work before and absolutely can't stand the look and feel of my sporter stock, seen a few videos on how to do it and look fairly simple but can it be that easy just to buy the parts kit from CSS and do it myself? Any info would be nice on this being i priced getting it done where I live in Oklahoma and they want $700 to do it for me. And of topic I've ran about 100 slugs, 150 3" turkey loads and 300 cheap bulk thru mine since I've had it with the " reliablity kit" and the gun was used when I bought it. Still won't cycle cheap ammo very well. I get maybe 3 shots without a fte at most still. Gun is kept clean, I can see all 3 gas ports, plug is on setting 6. Plenty of grease on all the wear points, I don't know whatelse to do really.
  8. I've shot 100 rounds of slugs, and 500 rounds of the cheap bulk thru mine, mag follower still rocks back n forth and the angle still crams the round into the bottom of the barrel actually causing the round to be crumpled at the end as I try n load it with more than 5 rounds. Input please.
  9. Coasten

    S20 mags

    My problem is just like md80sailor's. I emailed the manufacture office and they replied with " it might be a burr or somthing with your gun". I've checked everything known to me on it and nothing works unless I use minors than 4 shells.
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